Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Rahul in New Packaging

I am listening from last few days that Rahul Gandhi will
come in Main stream politics. Rahul Gandhi will decide his role in government.
Rahul Gandhi will play important role in main stream politics. I am just confused
what does It mean when they say Rahul Gandhi & Main stream. Congressmen
wants to say that Rahul Gandhi will be next Prime Minister or Finance Minister
or Defense Minister.

Rahul Gandhi is in main stream politics from last many
years. Isn’t he was the star campaigner in 2009 lokshabha election. Congressmen
gave all the credit for increase in number of loakshabha seats to Rahul Gandhi
in 2009. It’s been also told that Rahul Gandhi will bring back the lost glory
of Congress in UP after 2009 result.

Rahul Gandhi decided to fight alone without any alliance in
Bihar assembly election. He failed. The Performance of Rahul or we can say
performance of Congress was as low as possible in Bihar. Before the election
congress men were happy to repeat the miracle of UP In Bihar election but Nitish did miracle with his hard work.

UP assembly election was recent biggest failure in name of
Rahul Gandhi. Rahul was in main stream in UP election. It’s Rahul Gandhi who
was there on all news channels 24X7. Rahul Gandhi tried his best to repeat miracle of
UP Lokshabha election but things didn’t work and it was super flop show.

Rahul Gandhi’s failure pushed Congress men to say that Rahul
Gandhi will come in main stream politics of India so they can say performance
before coming to Main stream politics are not important and that was not Rahul
Gandhi’s mistake. 

In short they are just giving same Rahul in new packaging.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

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