Thursday, 16 August 2012

Politics & Riots

Riots are not new for people of India. We have seen series of riots in history of India. We got independence in 1947 and riot started from that
time only. During partition it was between Hindu & Muslim, both the sides
were killing each other as there were some political difference between top
leaders of India and Pakistan. I have heard from many people that India divided in two
parts as there were more people in race to become Prime Minister. I don’t have proof
or I must have taken the name of the people.

Riots always started due to some political and religious group.
Many of the time people from Politics encouraged people to kill each other to
divert attention from core issues. We all know that even today many of
the political parties promise you Food, Water & Shelter in their election manifesto. Riots are always
pre-planned and executed with very right manner to make people think about
their religion as supreme.

In India riots most of the time took place between followers
of different religion. In 1947 it was between Hindu & Muslim, in 80s it was
between Sikh & Hindu, in 93 it was between Hindu & Muslim, in Gujarat
it was between Hindu & Muslim and again in Assam between Muslim &
Assamis. In all the riots there were always some political people involved.

Now a days I saw too many Hollywood movies where I have seen
how a big business man wants that there should be world war so he can sale his arms
and ammunition to fighting countries to make profit. Many countries plant bomb
in other country so they should keep fighting with their internal issues and Super
Power remains super power. India is big threat to the many super power
countries as we himself set target to be super power by 2020. There are many countries
who don’t want to see India as super power so riots can be planned by them but there
is always political will in every riots. There will be no riots without support
from local people as American can’t come and make Hindu & Muslim fight for
their religion.

Government & Riots are part of very same coin.

Doing Kamaal,

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