Thursday, 16 August 2012

North East – Forgotten States


Arunachal Pradesh







Above all eight states constitute North-East of India. North
– East is so beautiful that you will be lost in heaven in mountains of
North-East . Green cover males you fell that you in some magic land as Greenery
is decreasing every passing day with human interfere with Nature. Human being never
enjoyed things which come free. Humanbeing migrated from villages to town and
constructed concrete forest for them self and then go to some adventure park to
take feel of rivers and ponds.

North- East has lot’s to explore but the sad part that their
population is very less.  And they cover
very less area in map of India, which leads to less number of Parliament seats.
As there is less number of parliament seats to Political class cares less about
them. In our country it’s all about vote bank.

It’s been long time I hear that North-East is not getting proper
supply of basic needs and they are purchasing fuel & gas ten times more
than it’s available in other parts of India. There are riots and local issues
which need to be resolved. Most of North East states merged in India after 1947
before that they were Independent with monarchy system.

They became part of India for better future and safe life
but we are unable to provide them security and stability require. North East – Forgotten
States are getting treatment of 2nd citizen from us in our same
country which is the biggest democracy in world.

Doing Kamaal,
Kamal Upadhyay

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