Monday, 13 August 2012

Mumbai Riots (ASSAM or MYANMAAR)

CST riots due to ASSAM or 

This was biggest question came into my mind when I heard
from a person who was in really to protest. As per the person he has been briefed
that there are many Muslims are getting killed everyday in Myanmar and Indian
Government should intervene to save Muslims of Myanmaar. As per him they have
seen video of massacre on youtube.

Group came on CST for peaceful protest and they just wanted
media to cover Mynmaar issue and government should put pressure on Myanmaar to control
to masscare on innocent muslim people. When they were protesting few people
came and started shouting on median people and damaged their vehicle and
instruments. A peaceful protest became Riot.

More surprising incident in hole this story is that after
Riots from media to hooligans all claimed and reported that the protest was for
Assam and not for Myanmaar. Crime Branch is investigating the case and lets
hope truth will be out soon.

Doing Kamaal,
Kamal Upadhyay

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