Monday, 27 August 2012

Milind – suspended

Milind – suspended doesn’t have any connection
with job. You must be thinking first I told suspended and later on told no
connection with his Job. I am talking about Milind Deora our own MP from South
Mumbai. He is serving as MP and that’s biggest job in it’s own domain.

North East riots are caused due to social media
that’s what I came to know from various sources across people. There were some
fabricated picture on Social Sites and rumors of killing people in country like
Barma which leads to riots in North East.

Government agencies came in action and in hurry
they started blocking various websites and users. I got surprise that most of
the users blocked were people criticizing government for their various action
and scams. People like Kanchan Gupta & Shiv Arror lost their twitter
account due to government action for few hours but later on government undo the
decision and they got their account in place.

Government suspended few parody account of
Manmohan Singh & Sonia Gandhi. Which we all know have no connection with
reality and I never read anything on those account other than comic lines in or
against government.

Government suspended Milind Deora’s own account
which was very much real. I know Milind Deora’s account is real cause after
contacting him on twitter. I went to his office to meet him. I met one
Gentleman in Milind’s office so account was handled by Milind. Government Babus
must had checked once with Milind office before taking such decision.

We all know now what government will do if there
will be censorship on internet. In past also it’s been communicated that most
of the contents government wants to remove are against government and have no
connection with religious activity.

Milind Deora got his account back and he tweeted
also from his account. Barkha has shot his question also to Milind for reason
to know for suspension of his account.

Doing Kamaal,
Kamal Upadhyay

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