Sunday, 26 August 2012

Kejariwal at Delhi

We saw how people from India Against Corruption
protested at Delhi in leadership of Arvind Kejariwal. There were other big name
of IAC were also present there. In other part of India also IAC protested
against corruption and this time the protest was against Congress & BJP for
sharing part in Coal in various states.

Congress tried their best to stop this protest as
they have changed scheduled of Metro Train. Congress took this protest very
lightly in morning but in afternoon they realized the seriousness of protest
and they machinery came in action and started biting people on Road and firing
Tear Bomb on the people.

Congress again hit the wrong chord when they hit
people doing protest peacefully. It’s not new for people of India we have seen
such thing in past when Congress hit people in midnight in Baba Ramdev’s
aandolan. Congress should respect human Rights. Everyone in India has right to
protest peacefully.

Doing Kamaal,
Kamal Upadhyay

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