Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Kasab – Death – Democracy

26/11 is one of the bad day in history of India. Few people
from Pakisatan came in India and killed many people over here and took our
security system as joke for 48hours. Our Army men took the control and gunned
down all terrorist. Our police men also caught one terrorist a live. “The Kasab”
I gave so much force on his name because we made him Super Villain of 26/11.

We all saw how terrorist killed our innocent people on
street, station & hotels. We also saw Kasab running with Gun in his hand
and killing people coming his way. There were ample evidence to prove that
Kasab waged war against India.

We are the biggest Democracy in world. Entire world know about
us but then also we decided to give fair trial to Kasab to prove himself innocent.
Our Judiciary says “Let 100 guilty people go Free but one innocent people
should not be punished” We took this sentence very seriously and started trial
on Kasab. We spent lot’s of money, power, time on Kasab Trial.

We are country of more than 100crore people and we have one
of the slowest Judiciary in world. People are running in courts for X numbers
of years and sometime their Death Certificate came before the Court Judgment. I
don’t want to blame anyone here Kasab Got death sentence from Special Court
& Supreme Court upholds same decision. Now Kasab will file mercy petition in
front of President, it will take few more months and years so hang him till

Very Small Question “Do we need to do so much in Kasab case
to show that we are democracy. There are number of issues in India and with
people India in which We can work and our people as well as world will take
proud on us.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

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