Friday, 31 August 2012

Kaccha Nimbu

Isn’t Kaccha nimbu same as Trainee.

I was very small at that time, some around 5 years old. I
was not knowing, how to play hide and seek but I wanted to play. Elder champs
gave me admission in their group to play Lappa-Chhupi that’s more close to my
heart than Hide & Seek. I always enjoyed playing as Kaccha Nimbu.

The rules for me were totally different. It was like
enjoying immunity. I have to enjoy the game as overseas political diplomat. I
was enjoying freedom of hiding and no job for doing search of anyone. I always
think if I can continue my job as Kaccha Nimbu. I should get praise for all my
good words and immunity for wrong work.

I do remember that when I was Trainee, I was enjoying my Job
as Kaccha Nimbu, no pressure for work, praise for good work and no firing for
wrong. I didn’t enjoy Kaccha Nimbu status for long time. No one can enjoy it for
long time as you have to take responsibility for growth. We have to perform
extra ordinary to be different. We have to compete with other so we can enjoy
luxury of life but don’t you think we were enjoying Kaccha Nimbu status more
than you present challenging Job.

Do share your story of Kaccha Nimbu, I would like to know
your story and will share same on blog so other can read what they are missing.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

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