Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Free Speech & Social Media

It’s not new for people on India that government is talking
about censorship on social media. Few months more Mr.Sibal was very keen to
introduce law to regulate social media specially twitter and facebook, which
created revolution like India Against Corruption. As soon as government started
talking about censorship on social media many people came with their view in favor
& against of Social media. Mr.Shashi Tharoor also wrote a very nice post on
supporting free speech and at same time supporting his Minister for his comment
for regulation on Social Media. for which many people replied to him and he took all the comment very positively

Do India need regulation on social media?

So answer is yes we need some regulation to control communal material.
There are many people on social platform, posting communal material with fake
identity. If we believe on recent incidents of North East & Riot took place
in Mumbai & chaos in many cities of India have been taken birth from social
website and sms. It’s very clear that we need some regulation to control social

Why people are not supporting government on regulation of social

People have fear that once regulation law will be on place then
government may start removing & blocking of material criticizing government
and it’s decision. It’s been also told that when last time government asked
search giant to remove some online material then most of the materials were
critising government than communal post.

Can we see Media supporting regulation on social media?

Yes, Media is now supporting regulation on social media as after
government it’s media getting attacked by unknown people on social websites. In
past social media trended issues like BarkhaGate when main stream media was
silent on 2G issue. Social websites have given many name to media and yes many
time abused them. Few recent tweet from Sagarika Ghose has shown that how
people are misusing social platform to abuse her. In back doors people are also
talking that social media is giving tough competition to Media houses when it
comes to breaking news.

Can we control social media with regulation?

Confused, Videos which were circulated showing muslims are
getting killied in Barma were circulated from out of India. Most of the fake
accounts are writing communal messages & operating from out of India.
Government has to keep monitoring all social platform very closely and keep
blocking websites which are writing hate speech.

Is there danger to Free Speech?

Yes, As told above government may start removing post, critising
government act and talking about all scam of government and it’s ministers.

Doing Kamaal,

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