Thursday, 23 August 2012

BJP in no mood to work

We all know that there series of scams in Congress
Government & Congress sacked their all ministers involved in scam. It’s
been also noticed that ministry connected with PMO office named many time in
scams. All the time BJP is shooting Shree Manmohan Singh Ji for his no action
when these frauds where taking place. There were loss of thousands of core in
all scam which is loss of public money.

Congress always clarified their point when his leaders name
came in scams. In recent coalgate scam, BJP wants that Shree Manmohan Singh Ji
should resign as he was looking into Coal ministry when allotment has been done
without proper auction or tender. Congress is again read to clarify it’s stand
on Manmohan Singh Ji but BJP is not allowing parliament function. They have
acted same way in past also.

If you are in opposition then you
should condemn all the work of Government or else you will never come in power.
Congress is ready to debate on all issues but BJP has some or other reason to
boycott. People elected BJP’s candidates to represent them self in parliament
but don’t know how BJP leaders will represent view of people without going in
to Parliament. They are just happy to enjoy extended holiday.

BJP should allow parliament to function. Let’s have healthy debate to put point
across. BJP should act like strong opposition and counter attack congress in Parliament.
There are lot’s of bills pending in Parliament for approval so not allowing parliament
to function is no solution.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

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