Monday, 27 August 2012

Anna – Congress – BJP

We have seen in past that many of the congress
leaders told that Anna Hazares movement is against congress. Congress person
also told that Anna is mask of RSS & sometime that they represent BJP.  Anna’s movement was suddenly started losing
tempo when few Tema Anna member name came in some or other allegation related
to Corruption. 

Anna announced for a political party which will
give option to people to vote for better government. Soon all the news channel
and political parties changed their script and there were lot’s of New stories
came in public related to Anna Hazare and it’s Team member which were fiction
neatly written for entertainment of people.

BJP was very happy with Team Anna’s movement
against Government as when it’s government then it’s congress but Anna’s
announcement to launch political party broke all their plan to turn people vote
in favor BJP. As Team Anna himself came forward to claim their share of vote to
win for their own political party. It became clear that Anna is neither
representing BJP Nor Mask of Congress.

We have to see how political ambition of Team Anna
will take place in time when everyone is doing “Bandar Baant” from natural
resources like coal.

Doing Kamaal,
Kamal Upadhyay

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