Friday, 31 August 2012

Kaccha Nimbu

Isn’t Kaccha nimbu same as Trainee.

I was very small at that time, some around 5 years old. I
was not knowing, how to play hide and seek but I wanted to play. Elder champs
gave me admission in their group to play Lappa-Chhupi that’s more close to my
heart than Hide & Seek. I always enjoyed playing as Kaccha Nimbu.

The rules for me were totally different. It was like
enjoying immunity. I have to enjoy the game as overseas political diplomat. I
was enjoying freedom of hiding and no job for doing search of anyone. I always
think if I can continue my job as Kaccha Nimbu. I should get praise for all my
good words and immunity for wrong work.

I do remember that when I was Trainee, I was enjoying my Job
as Kaccha Nimbu, no pressure for work, praise for good work and no firing for
wrong. I didn’t enjoy Kaccha Nimbu status for long time. No one can enjoy it for
long time as you have to take responsibility for growth. We have to perform
extra ordinary to be different. We have to compete with other so we can enjoy
luxury of life but don’t you think we were enjoying Kaccha Nimbu status more
than you present challenging Job.

Do share your story of Kaccha Nimbu, I would like to know
your story and will share same on blog so other can read what they are missing.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Word - Sex

I know writing about Politics is very easy. I know writing about
Social Things is very easy but I also know writing about Sex is very
difficult in our society. People always try to ignore This word in
public places. Sex is part of our culture. KaamSutra was one of the
biggest sources of Sex and about knowledge of Sex. We have given
KaamSutra to world but even we don’t want to talk about Sex openly.

don’t want to discuss about Sex with his/her doctor though they are
getting trouble due to sex issues in their life. I don’t want that
people should speak about their intercourse in public but yes trouble
should be shared.

is biggest diseases due to our ignorance of Sex in public life. We
don’t like to speak word P***** or V***** in open. We just want to
ignore this topic. We have ignored the East India company and they ruled
on us for 200 years. We never learnt anything from such incident.

is one of fastest growing economy in world so our population. India is
2nd in population in world. We ignore the word SEX so we ignore healthy
future of India. We should come in open with the knowledge of Sex. We
should share knowledge of Sex with our friends. I know it’ll take
another 10years to speak Sex with family.

I recently
saw a movie in which son speak with her mother as fun about
Condom-Condom. India is society full of cultures and values but don’t we
have sculptures of Sex based on Kaamsutra. We should come open with

We throw an Artist out of India as he had drawn a
picture of our Godess as nude. We don’t want to accept truth of Sex,
which is source of Life. I am not telling to paint everything nude but
yes we should paint something Nude.

India should speak word SEX to make Healthy India.

Doing Kamaal,
Kamal Upadhyay

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Sharukh – Sex & Salman

Box office pe ya to Sharukh bikta hai ya to Sex ! Movies
masters used this dialogues ample times few years before when there was flood
of movies based on Sex or more precisely based on romance and thriller and same
time they got A certificate. Sharukh was also doing good with his all romantic movies.
I don’t remember that any of Sharukh movies failed on Box office. Sex was bomb
sell in bollywood because we started showing bed time scene in our movies.

Cinema was growing in India so the viewer and soon movies
master realised that viewer won’t come to see your movie if there is no story,
no acting and appeal to the people. Amithabh Bachchan became Shansha of
Bollywood because his movies are having appeal. People started looking their
own life in Amitabh Bachhan role of Angry young man but that was 70s & 80s.

You should have script on which actor can act and with
proper dialogues. Soon India saw change in cinema when there were multiplex all
around in metro and 1 tier cities. Sharukh and Sex both flopped in multiplex.
Sharukh acted in mumber of flop movies and sex was having no viewer.

We saw New Hunk of bollywood with Pyaar Kiya To Darna Kya.
Salman changed his look, he became a body builder and danced bear chest in the
movie we still dance on same song many time. Salaman Khan came long way from
Andaj Aapna Aapna to Pyaar Kiya To Darna Kya. People started clapping on all
his punches hitting to villain and he got fan following which no one got in
bollywood till date.

Salman became Rambo of bollywood from wanted. Prabhudeva
directed wanted. He put all the masaala of South Action in wanted. Wanted
became superhit and Salman became Rambo. Salman started acting same line of
movie after that and all became superhit and he set new tradition of Money
collection on Box office. His fans don’t care for story and acting, they just
go in cinema hall to watch their Bhai hitting villain and fighting bear chest.  

Ab Bollywood Mai Sirf Salman Bikta Hai !

Doing Kamaal,
Kamal Upadhyay

Book Review - Rainy Days

Every journey begins with a chase. We
chase success. We chase love. We chase happiness. But what happens when that chase is suddenly
interrupted by a long wait? Will love endure that wait? And

will that wait ever end? Will all
roads be closed? Or will an uneasy path open up somewhere? When

life gives you a choice, will you
stand by your principles, or will you fall in love all over again?

Rainy Days is the story of Raghav and
his pursuit of love in the midst of success, of Megha and her

own world of wavering thoughts. It's a
journey that begins with a chance encounter. It's a journey

that takes them through sweet meetings
and doleful partings, through long drives and silent walks,

through the endless rain of joy and
melancholy - a journey that inevitably brings them to the

crossroads of love and life, more than
once. It's about the choices that life gives us, about the paths

that we take, and the ripple effect that it has on our lives.

I read such interesting fiction love story after a very long time.
Samarth has selected all words, lines & plot such a nice way that you’ll
enjoy reading this book a lot. I finished reading this book in two days as
every next line was involving me in story as character.

I am sure soon Samarth Prakash will come with few more books. Till then you can enjoy reading Rainy Days, You can order your copy at Flipkart.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

Kasab – Death – Democracy

26/11 is one of the bad day in history of India. Few people
from Pakisatan came in India and killed many people over here and took our
security system as joke for 48hours. Our Army men took the control and gunned
down all terrorist. Our police men also caught one terrorist a live. “The Kasab”
I gave so much force on his name because we made him Super Villain of 26/11.

We all saw how terrorist killed our innocent people on
street, station & hotels. We also saw Kasab running with Gun in his hand
and killing people coming his way. There were ample evidence to prove that
Kasab waged war against India.

We are the biggest Democracy in world. Entire world know about
us but then also we decided to give fair trial to Kasab to prove himself innocent.
Our Judiciary says “Let 100 guilty people go Free but one innocent people
should not be punished” We took this sentence very seriously and started trial
on Kasab. We spent lot’s of money, power, time on Kasab Trial.

We are country of more than 100crore people and we have one
of the slowest Judiciary in world. People are running in courts for X numbers
of years and sometime their Death Certificate came before the Court Judgment. I
don’t want to blame anyone here Kasab Got death sentence from Special Court
& Supreme Court upholds same decision. Now Kasab will file mercy petition in
front of President, it will take few more months and years so hang him till

Very Small Question “Do we need to do so much in Kasab case
to show that we are democracy. There are number of issues in India and with
people India in which We can work and our people as well as world will take
proud on us.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

Monday, 27 August 2012

Milind – suspended

Milind – suspended doesn’t have any connection
with job. You must be thinking first I told suspended and later on told no
connection with his Job. I am talking about Milind Deora our own MP from South
Mumbai. He is serving as MP and that’s biggest job in it’s own domain.

North East riots are caused due to social media
that’s what I came to know from various sources across people. There were some
fabricated picture on Social Sites and rumors of killing people in country like
Barma which leads to riots in North East.

Government agencies came in action and in hurry
they started blocking various websites and users. I got surprise that most of
the users blocked were people criticizing government for their various action
and scams. People like Kanchan Gupta & Shiv Arror lost their twitter
account due to government action for few hours but later on government undo the
decision and they got their account in place.

Government suspended few parody account of
Manmohan Singh & Sonia Gandhi. Which we all know have no connection with
reality and I never read anything on those account other than comic lines in or
against government.

Government suspended Milind Deora’s own account
which was very much real. I know Milind Deora’s account is real cause after
contacting him on twitter. I went to his office to meet him. I met one
Gentleman in Milind’s office so account was handled by Milind. Government Babus
must had checked once with Milind office before taking such decision.

We all know now what government will do if there
will be censorship on internet. In past also it’s been communicated that most
of the contents government wants to remove are against government and have no
connection with religious activity.

Milind Deora got his account back and he tweeted
also from his account. Barkha has shot his question also to Milind for reason
to know for suspension of his account.

Doing Kamaal,
Kamal Upadhyay