Thursday, 19 July 2012

The Underachiever - Obama

Time magazine published their Asian edition with cover photo
of Mr. Manmohan Singh the great Finance Minister and failed Prime Minister of
India. There were various sections of people condemn this move of Time. We all know that Time was not wrong with his cover page. There are
many incidents in our economy which shows that Mr. Manmohan Singh failed on his

Mr. Barack Obama also came in race to say that there is very
slow force from Mr.Singh for growth and development of India. Investors from
overseas market is ready to Invest in India but Government of India is not giving any proper economic
policies for Investments. Mr. Obama pushed Mr. Singh for reforms.

Mr. Barack Obama has to fight his next President election
very soon. There is nothing much in his bucket to show people for his achievement
in his tenure as President. They need to reboot US economy. They have to sale
their junk to some other country and for them India is most favorable place to dump
all the Junks. Obama forgot that he himself has not achieved much in his tenure
as president and he is again talking about outsourcing and other policies which
never got implemented in his tenure but have promised during his campaign.

We Indian have habit to blame others for anything wrong
happening with us but we don’t accept such thing from well-educated and Supreme
power leader of world.

“A bad work man always quarrels with his tools”

Barack Obama recently told that India and Pakistan should
mutually clear their issue on Kashmir. It means that they again want to come to Pakistan
to make their presence in Asia. It’s time for Obama for his own evaluation then
suggesting our PM.

The World know that Both are The Underachievers.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

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