Monday, 16 July 2012

Raj - Uddhav - Media

Uddhav Thackrey hospitalized yesterday and it was very sad
that instead of wishing for his recovery people on social website started
making fun if his medical condition. Uddhav being President of Shiv Sena has
not done anything against migrants. I guess under his super vision Shiv Sena
started playing with North Indian population in Mumbai. We can’t make fun of
people just for sake of fun to trend on Time line.

Media did best role to make Uddhav Thackrey’s condition as
critical as possible. When Rajdeep Sardesai talks about slow news day then few
sections of media make news from personal issues. Media covered Uddhav hospitalization
story very wrong way but I guess that's what media did best in past with personal
issues of people either it’s Abdullah Omar or Shashi Tharror.

Raj Thackrey ‘s entry in movie produced by News Media made another
hype of day. It became great Political drama than internal family issues.

Kya Hoga Uddhav Ka ?

Raj hai Uddhav Ke Sarthi !

I guess we should give chance to News channel script writers
to write for few movies and I am sure that will go and win award at Oscar. I
have found many of the time it’s media who makes very small thing a breaking news on
national level but same media is not interested to cover issue of malnutrition
and death of children in rural India.

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