Thursday, 12 July 2012

Narendra Modi v/s Rahul Gandhi

I read an article which talks about difference between Rahul
Gandhi v/s Narendra Modi. I found that some of time the parameters are wrong
for comparison. We all know truth which closer to 90% fact. I guess when
Congress Trolls and BJP trolls are fighting with each other. Here is one non
discriminative comparison.



Narendra Modi

Rahul Gandhi




Current office

Three time Chief Minister of Gujarat

Twice MP & General Secretary – Indian National Congress

Media Relationships

Narendra Modi has good PR agency which most of them time keep
highlighting his growth but at same time media also described him Dictator
many times

Rahul Gandhi has done big investment in PR. We have example like
Travel in Mumbai Local, going to dalit house in UP. Media covered all his
move like celebration

Political Background

Narendra Modi started his political life from Sangh and later on came
in politics

Rahul Gandhi came in politics from his birth (Boy from Nehru-Gandhi

Leadership Quality

Naredra Modi has good leadership Quality to rule Gujrat but when it
comes on National level many people don’t want to come under his umbrella due
to his connection
  with Godhra

Rahul Gandhi failed to prove any point as leader. There are series of
flop show from Bihar election to UP result

National Leader

Many NDA partners doesn’t want to see Modi as their leader

Congress Men have many talent better than Rahul Gandhi but they don’t
have option other than following Rahul

Participation in Politics

Narendra Modi has won two time tenure in Gujarat from his work and
did campaign many times for his party in other sates

Rahul Gandhi can be seen in North State during election time and
Mostly walking and talking in UP than Politics of India

Political Philosophy

Naredra Modi is leader of Hindus, though charges are not proved but
there are chances of his involvement in Godhra

Secular leader but most of time talks about Dalit & Muslims

Criminal cases

Charges in connection of Godhra riots

Not proved but named by
many news agency as drug addict during his foreign residence

Vision for Future

Some how people of Gujarat always praise him for development in

Many of times not correct with his decision in policy making

As a PM

He can ‘t be PM as many NDA partners don’t want him to lead them due
to his name Godhra

Rahul failed to do anything in Bihar & UP and there are many good
and experience leader in Congress than him for this Post


I have tried my best to be true in comparison and hope Congress & BJP twitter army don't keeo shooting me for taking his stand.

Doing Kamaal,

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