Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Internet Hindus

A big Bang debate on Internet Hindus.

Internet Hindus is not a bad term but when someone explains
the meaning then it seems like a group of Terrorist who uses words than Arms
and Ammunition. Internet Hindus are group of people who wants Hindustaan with
Hindu values. There are big debates that India is Secular country so we can’t
say that we support a particular religion. In India all religions are equal i.e
Sarv Dharm Sambhav !!

A news anchor came with this word of Internet Hindus when
few people on twitter started abusing her when she was talking about discrimination
of Hindu & other religion mainly Islaam. In India people are so polite when
it comes to other religion but at same time Riots are very ugly part of our
Secular Country.


It’s very interesting to see that same Media who criticized
people when they were talking about Love Jihad as that will harm sentiments of
particular religions but they himself gave the name Internet Hindus to group of
people supporting Hindu religion. In Indian you can talk against Hindu and name
them self as Saffron Terrorist where they are majority and you don’t even speak
word against people from Isalam killing 100 of Indians. So just confused if
there won’t be tolerance in Hindus then how some group can talk against them.

In Mumbai it’s difficult to find house for Muslim in many
areas but isn’t the case with other religion also. I know many Jain, Gujrati,
Marathi and Muslim who doesn’t allow people from other cast or religion in
their society so it’s just not about the religion it’s about the moral values
and way of living. Muslims get barred from many societies not because they are
Muslim but because they are non – vegetarian and eat things, which has respect
and moral values in Hindu or some other religion. There is nothing wrong if
someone doesn’t want this kind of people in their society.

It’ll be very wrong to say that Internet Hindus are against
any religion. We can say Internet Hindus are for Hindu Religion.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

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