Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Best Bus Fare Hike

In last month Mumbai Best Bus Service increased bus fare by
Rs1 but the reality check says that they increased best fare by 25%. Customers
are even daily fighting when Bus Conductor ask for Rs 20 in place on Rs 15. In
guess it’s higest increase in fare past 10 years. Media didn’t cover this hike
as in news it was Rs 1 increase and more of local issue.

Best is second largest Public transport in Mumbai after
Mumbai Local. There is no increase in Mumbai Local fare from long time but BEST
have increased their fare many times periodically. BEST even increased charges
for their one day Pass system from Rs 15 for south Mumbai & Rs 20 for North
Mumbai to Rs 40 for entire Mumbai, which was Rs25 earlier. Best also increased
their Monthly pass charges.

Fare incrase of A.C buses are more surprising as there are
no percentage ration for same. There is increase in fair from 25% to 65% whereas
services are same and their Bues are even trying to take breath in heavy
traffic of Mumbai and helping in traffic jam with their break down every now
and then.

In Mumbai Thane & Navi Mumbai Transportation system is
also running their Buses and they have not increased their fair so BEST can’t
give excuse for Loss as Best is running much bigger system than these small
partner and increasing demand always leads to low cost foe services.

I don’t see any chances that there will be roll back in Best
bus fare but we can always wait for BEST.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

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