Friday, 27 July 2012

Anna – Assam – Arnab

This week Anna, Assam and Pranab Mukharjee was in news. I am
not wrong while writing Arnab in headline of this post but somehow Arnab sound
better than Pranab with Anna & Assam. I hope you got my point. I know many
people won’t get agree with me on this that Arnab sound better than Pranab.

In this week we saw three major Breaking News. Everyone
tried their best to put their point and view on all the stories. We can say
most unwanted news was more on TV than actual news. Many of the time we get
news as per the editor’s choice and not as per the situation or time.

Pranab became 13th President of India. It was in
news from long time but the day he resumed to President office there were no
other news. I don’t know why media gave so Important to this news to which even
political class don’t respect and for everyone this is just a Post.

Anna and his Team came back on Jantar Mantar but this time
neither media nor people were 

interested in Anna’s Andolan. The Ration of
people  who participated in Anna’s
Andolan have been changed from his 1st Andola of Jantar to Mantar to
his present Andolan. People were with Anna when he was fighting against
corruption but when his fight became against congress then many people backed
out from his movement.

At the last Assam – I will also follow what my senior has
done, Assam got as least coverage possible. Riots in Assam killed many people.
Riot took place between migrants but there is very huge difference in fact
reported by News channel & Government agencies. In time when India is among
one of top military power in world our people are getting killed as there is no
security force on time.

Doing Kamaal,
Kamal Upadhyay

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