Friday, 27 July 2012

Anna – Assam – Arnab

This week Anna, Assam and Pranab Mukharjee was in news. I am
not wrong while writing Arnab in headline of this post but somehow Arnab sound
better than Pranab with Anna & Assam. I hope you got my point. I know many
people won’t get agree with me on this that Arnab sound better than Pranab.

In this week we saw three major Breaking News. Everyone
tried their best to put their point and view on all the stories. We can say
most unwanted news was more on TV than actual news. Many of the time we get
news as per the editor’s choice and not as per the situation or time.

Pranab became 13th President of India. It was in
news from long time but the day he resumed to President office there were no
other news. I don’t know why media gave so Important to this news to which even
political class don’t respect and for everyone this is just a Post.

Anna and his Team came back on Jantar Mantar but this time
neither media nor people were 

interested in Anna’s Andolan. The Ration of
people  who participated in Anna’s
Andolan have been changed from his 1st Andola of Jantar to Mantar to
his present Andolan. People were with Anna when he was fighting against
corruption but when his fight became against congress then many people backed
out from his movement.

At the last Assam – I will also follow what my senior has
done, Assam got as least coverage possible. Riots in Assam killed many people.
Riot took place between migrants but there is very huge difference in fact
reported by News channel & Government agencies. In time when India is among
one of top military power in world our people are getting killed as there is no
security force on time.

Doing Kamaal,
Kamal Upadhyay

Thursday, 19 July 2012

The Underachiever - Obama

Time magazine published their Asian edition with cover photo
of Mr. Manmohan Singh the great Finance Minister and failed Prime Minister of
India. There were various sections of people condemn this move of Time. We all know that Time was not wrong with his cover page. There are
many incidents in our economy which shows that Mr. Manmohan Singh failed on his

Mr. Barack Obama also came in race to say that there is very
slow force from Mr.Singh for growth and development of India. Investors from
overseas market is ready to Invest in India but Government of India is not giving any proper economic
policies for Investments. Mr. Obama pushed Mr. Singh for reforms.

Mr. Barack Obama has to fight his next President election
very soon. There is nothing much in his bucket to show people for his achievement
in his tenure as President. They need to reboot US economy. They have to sale
their junk to some other country and for them India is most favorable place to dump
all the Junks. Obama forgot that he himself has not achieved much in his tenure
as president and he is again talking about outsourcing and other policies which
never got implemented in his tenure but have promised during his campaign.

We Indian have habit to blame others for anything wrong
happening with us but we don’t accept such thing from well-educated and Supreme
power leader of world.

“A bad work man always quarrels with his tools”

Barack Obama recently told that India and Pakistan should
mutually clear their issue on Kashmir. It means that they again want to come to Pakistan
to make their presence in Asia. It’s time for Obama for his own evaluation then
suggesting our PM.

The World know that Both are The Underachievers.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

Monday, 16 July 2012

Raj - Uddhav - Media

Uddhav Thackrey hospitalized yesterday and it was very sad
that instead of wishing for his recovery people on social website started
making fun if his medical condition. Uddhav being President of Shiv Sena has
not done anything against migrants. I guess under his super vision Shiv Sena
started playing with North Indian population in Mumbai. We can’t make fun of
people just for sake of fun to trend on Time line.

Media did best role to make Uddhav Thackrey’s condition as
critical as possible. When Rajdeep Sardesai talks about slow news day then few
sections of media make news from personal issues. Media covered Uddhav hospitalization
story very wrong way but I guess that's what media did best in past with personal
issues of people either it’s Abdullah Omar or Shashi Tharror.

Raj Thackrey ‘s entry in movie produced by News Media made another
hype of day. It became great Political drama than internal family issues.

Kya Hoga Uddhav Ka ?

Raj hai Uddhav Ke Sarthi !

I guess we should give chance to News channel script writers
to write for few movies and I am sure that will go and win award at Oscar. I
have found many of the time it’s media who makes very small thing a breaking news on
national level but same media is not interested to cover issue of malnutrition
and death of children in rural India.

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Narendra Modi v/s Rahul Gandhi

I read an article which talks about difference between Rahul
Gandhi v/s Narendra Modi. I found that some of time the parameters are wrong
for comparison. We all know truth which closer to 90% fact. I guess when
Congress Trolls and BJP trolls are fighting with each other. Here is one non
discriminative comparison.



Narendra Modi

Rahul Gandhi




Current office

Three time Chief Minister of Gujarat

Twice MP & General Secretary – Indian National Congress

Media Relationships

Narendra Modi has good PR agency which most of them time keep
highlighting his growth but at same time media also described him Dictator
many times

Rahul Gandhi has done big investment in PR. We have example like
Travel in Mumbai Local, going to dalit house in UP. Media covered all his
move like celebration

Political Background

Narendra Modi started his political life from Sangh and later on came
in politics

Rahul Gandhi came in politics from his birth (Boy from Nehru-Gandhi

Leadership Quality

Naredra Modi has good leadership Quality to rule Gujrat but when it
comes on National level many people don’t want to come under his umbrella due
to his connection
  with Godhra

Rahul Gandhi failed to prove any point as leader. There are series of
flop show from Bihar election to UP result

National Leader

Many NDA partners doesn’t want to see Modi as their leader

Congress Men have many talent better than Rahul Gandhi but they don’t
have option other than following Rahul

Participation in Politics

Narendra Modi has won two time tenure in Gujarat from his work and
did campaign many times for his party in other sates

Rahul Gandhi can be seen in North State during election time and
Mostly walking and talking in UP than Politics of India

Political Philosophy

Naredra Modi is leader of Hindus, though charges are not proved but
there are chances of his involvement in Godhra

Secular leader but most of time talks about Dalit & Muslims

Criminal cases

Charges in connection of Godhra riots

Not proved but named by
many news agency as drug addict during his foreign residence

Vision for Future

Some how people of Gujarat always praise him for development in

Many of times not correct with his decision in policy making

As a PM

He can ‘t be PM as many NDA partners don’t want him to lead them due
to his name Godhra

Rahul failed to do anything in Bihar & UP and there are many good
and experience leader in Congress than him for this Post


I have tried my best to be true in comparison and hope Congress & BJP twitter army don't keeo shooting me for taking his stand.

Doing Kamaal,

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Best Bus Fare Hike

In last month Mumbai Best Bus Service increased bus fare by
Rs1 but the reality check says that they increased best fare by 25%. Customers
are even daily fighting when Bus Conductor ask for Rs 20 in place on Rs 15. In
guess it’s higest increase in fare past 10 years. Media didn’t cover this hike
as in news it was Rs 1 increase and more of local issue.

Best is second largest Public transport in Mumbai after
Mumbai Local. There is no increase in Mumbai Local fare from long time but BEST
have increased their fare many times periodically. BEST even increased charges
for their one day Pass system from Rs 15 for south Mumbai & Rs 20 for North
Mumbai to Rs 40 for entire Mumbai, which was Rs25 earlier. Best also increased
their Monthly pass charges.

Fare incrase of A.C buses are more surprising as there are
no percentage ration for same. There is increase in fair from 25% to 65% whereas
services are same and their Bues are even trying to take breath in heavy
traffic of Mumbai and helping in traffic jam with their break down every now
and then.

In Mumbai Thane & Navi Mumbai Transportation system is
also running their Buses and they have not increased their fair so BEST can’t
give excuse for Loss as Best is running much bigger system than these small
partner and increasing demand always leads to low cost foe services.

I don’t see any chances that there will be roll back in Best
bus fare but we can always wait for BEST.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

Internet Hindus

A big Bang debate on Internet Hindus.

Internet Hindus is not a bad term but when someone explains
the meaning then it seems like a group of Terrorist who uses words than Arms
and Ammunition. Internet Hindus are group of people who wants Hindustaan with
Hindu values. There are big debates that India is Secular country so we can’t
say that we support a particular religion. In India all religions are equal i.e
Sarv Dharm Sambhav !!

A news anchor came with this word of Internet Hindus when
few people on twitter started abusing her when she was talking about discrimination
of Hindu & other religion mainly Islaam. In India people are so polite when
it comes to other religion but at same time Riots are very ugly part of our
Secular Country.


It’s very interesting to see that same Media who criticized
people when they were talking about Love Jihad as that will harm sentiments of
particular religions but they himself gave the name Internet Hindus to group of
people supporting Hindu religion. In Indian you can talk against Hindu and name
them self as Saffron Terrorist where they are majority and you don’t even speak
word against people from Isalam killing 100 of Indians. So just confused if
there won’t be tolerance in Hindus then how some group can talk against them.

In Mumbai it’s difficult to find house for Muslim in many
areas but isn’t the case with other religion also. I know many Jain, Gujrati,
Marathi and Muslim who doesn’t allow people from other cast or religion in
their society so it’s just not about the religion it’s about the moral values
and way of living. Muslims get barred from many societies not because they are
Muslim but because they are non – vegetarian and eat things, which has respect
and moral values in Hindu or some other religion. There is nothing wrong if
someone doesn’t want this kind of people in their society.

It’ll be very wrong to say that Internet Hindus are against
any religion. We can say Internet Hindus are for Hindu Religion.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Underachiever – MMS

After Time magazine called
Prime Minister Manmohan Singh an "underachiever"
. Media houses
came in support to MMS but in Negative way. Few people from Media blamed TIME
as paid magazine and interesting to see these are same people who has been
awarded Paid Media tag from Internet users of social website.

Shree Manmohan Singh gave
new dimension to Indian economy in 1991 when he introduced LPG policy but same
policy changed meaning when he became PM, now LPG represent “Loot-Paat ke Ghar
Le jao”.

We all know UPA2 under
performed followed by back to back scam mainly 2G & CWG. When we talk about
social reforms MMS failed on many places and later on came with excuse of Coalition
Dharma for not taking decision to make social reforms.

I am very surprise when
some part of media is criticizing TIME for their cover but isn’t same media has
cracked many lame jokes on MMS. We all know his capability. He is good
economist but he can’t be good Political leader.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay  

Monday, 9 July 2012

Barish Ka Intzaar - IV

Barish Wali Shadi Barish
Mai !!

August Ka Mahina Aa Gaya.
Barish Bhi Aapne Pure Jor Mai Thee. Shadi Ki Tiayaari Dono Taraf Chal Rahi Thi.
Ek Taraf Naach Gaana aur Dusari Taraf Khana – Pina. Sab Cheeze Chal Rahee Thee.
Pana Tomar Ne Har Cheeze Dugane Bhav Se Di Thee. Sadi Ka Din Tha To Dattu aur
Soniya Ke Parivar Ke Paas Aur Koi Rasta Bhi Nahi Tha. Baraat Jaane Ka Intzaam
Ho Gaya Tha Aur Barat Aane Ka Bhi Intzaam Ho Gaya Tha.

Naach – Gane Ka Shor
Badhane Laga Aur Barat Jaane Ke Liye Taiyar Khadi Thi. Yahee Kucch Pachsau Meter
Duri Pe Soniya Ka Ghar Tha. Barat Dattu Ke Yaha Se Nikali Aur Soniya Ke Yaha
Pahuch Gayi. Salik Ka Band Baza Zoro Se Baj Raha Tha. Pure Chalis Gaon Mai Salik
Hee Akela Band Wala Aadmi Tha, Par Usaka Baza Bajta Bhi Bade Jor Se Tha. Barish
Aapna Baza Alag Baza Rahi Thee.

Barish Pichhale Aath Dino
Se Lagtaar Ho Raho Thee. Barish Jhama Jham Gir Rahi Thee.Char Ghante Lage Aur Shadi Ho Gayi. Logo Ne Khana - Pina Khaya aur Barat Dulhan Ke Saath Bida Ho Gayi. Dattu Aur Soniya Ghar Aa gaye. Dattu Ki Maa bahut Khush Thee. Charo Taraf Se Log Soniya Ko Dekhane Aa Gaye.

Raat ho Gayi Aur Ab Dattu Aur Soniya Ke Milane Ka Waqut Aa Gaya.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay


Thursday, 5 July 2012

Barish Ka Intzaar – III

Musladhaar Barish Ek Saptha Tak Hui Aur Phir Ruk Gayi. Log
Kheto Mai Dhan Ki Buwai Aur Gudai Mai Lag Gaye. Pahadi Elaka Tha To Logo Ke
Pass Kheti Ke Layak Jameen Kam Thi. Har Kisis Ke Pass Itani Jamin Thi Ki Jisase
Unka Gujar Basar Ho Jaye.  Gaon Mai Ab
Bhar Pet Pine Ko Pani Tha. Pahado Se Pani Rista Aur Jharne Bhi Jhar-Jhar Bah
Rahe The.

Dattu Ki Shadi Barish Ke Der Se Aane Ke Karan Tal Gayi Thi
Aur Ab Jab Barish Aa Gayi Hai To Dattu Ki Shadi Bhi Nazdik Aa Gayi. Dattu Pure
Gaon Mai Sabse Padha Likha Aadmi Tha. Dattu Ne Pachvi Class Tak Padhai Ki Thi.
Eas Pahadi Gaon Mai School Na Tha. Dattu Ne Aapni Padhi Mama Ke Yaha Ki. Dattu
Padh Hi Raha Tha Ki Usake Pita Jee Ka Nidhan Ho Gaya To Eas Karan Dattu Ko
School Beech Mai Chhodkar Aana Pada.

Dattu Ki Hone Wali Patni Bhi Tisari Class Tak Padhi Thi.
Dattu Ki Hone Walo Patni Ka Naam Soniya Tha. Badi Tajjub Ki Baat Ye Hai Ki
Pahadi Elako Mai Sabka Naam Bada Hee Atpata Hota Hai Par Soniya Ka Naam To
Ekdam Naye Jamne Ka Lagta Tha. Dattu Ne Soniya Ko Dekha Nahi Tha Par Use Soniya
Ka Naam Itna Pasand Aa Gaya Ki Usane Jhat Shaadi Ke Liye Ha Kar Di. Dattu Ko
Khushi Eas Baat Ki Thi Ki Barfi, Jalebi, Emarta Ke Jamane Mai Soniya Bada Hee
Pyara Naam Tha.

Barish Ho Gayi To Shadi Ka Din Bhi Tay Ho Gaya. Shadi Ke
Liye Soniya Ke Pita Jee Paanch Sau Rupaye Tilak Mai Diya. Pahadi Jamat Mai
Pahali Bar Kisi Ko Tilak Mai Paanch Sau Rupaye Mile Tha, Kyo Nahi Milta Dattu Padha
Likha Tha Unke Pass Khet Aur Ped Bhi The. Shadi August Ke Pahale Mahine Mai Tay

Barish Wali Shadi Barish Mai !!

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay


Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Barish Ka Intzaar

July Ka Mahina Tha, Gain Mai Log Abhi Bhi Barisk Ka Intzaar
Kar Rahe The. Pura June Khatam Ho Gaya Tha Par Barish Nahi Ho Rahi Thi. Badal
Ghir – Ghir Aate Aur Chale Jate. Pura Gaon Barish Ke Liye Puja – Yagna Kar Raha
Tha. Kheti Mahine Bhar Se Der Ho Chuki Thi. Har Jeeveet Prani Barish Ke Liye
Vyakul Tha. 

 Barish Har Waqt Time Pe Aa Jati Thi Par Eas Bar Mano Vo Bhi
Aam Aadmi Ke Saath Mazak Kar Rahi Thi. Dattu Daudate – Daudate Ghar Mai Aaya
aur Maa Se Pine Ke Liye Pani Mangle Laga. Pani Ki Kimat Dattu Aur Usake Gaon
Mai Sabko Pata Hai. Garmi Ke Dino Se Pura Gaon 3 Kilometer Chal Ke Pahad Se
Niche Jata Aur Pani Le Aata.

Barish Pure Gaon Ke Liye Jarrori Thi. Dhan Ki Khet Karni Thi
Nahi Tu Pura Saala Bura Katega. Dattu aur Usaki Maa Ne Devi Se Barish Ke Liye Roz
Prathna Karte The. Ek Din Raat Ko Dattu Aur Usaki Maa Ko Khali Pet Sirf Pani
Pike Sona Pada. Khali Pet Pani Pine Se Pet Mai Dard Hota Hai Par Jab Pani Itani
Mehnat Se Aaye To Pani Har Dard Mita Deta Hai.

Barish Na Hone Ke Karan Sarkar Ne Sabhi Gaon Ke Logo Ko
Paanch Hazar Rupaye Prati Ghar Dene Ki Liye Kaha Parntu Sarpanch Ki Mili Bhgat
Se Har Ghar Ko Sirf Tera Sau Rupaye Mile. Garibo Ke Naam Par Amir Log Apna Peta
Bhar Rahe The.

Paper par Dattu Ke Gaon Me Baar 40 Meter Ke Kue The Par
Hakikat Mai Sirf Ek Bees Meter Ka Kua Tha Jo Sirf Barish Ke Waqt Bhara Raheta
Tha Aur Pure Saal Usame Pani Ka Ata Pata Nahi Tha. Gaon Ke Kafi Log Uas Kue Mai
Jaan Dene Ke Liye Kude Par Pani Ke Na Hone Ke Karan Sirf Haath Paav Tudvkaar
Kar Bed Par Aaram Karte.

Garmi Ka Haal Mat Puchho Baarish Pichhe Hote Ja Rahi Thee
Aur Garmi Aage Badhte Ja Rahi Thee. Bijalee Ke Khambhe To The Gaon Mai Par Bijali
Neta Ji Ki Tarah Kuchh Mahino Mai Ek Bar Aati Thi. Garmi Se Rahat Ke Liye
Barish Ka Hona Jaruri Tha. Gaon Sadhe Saat Logo Haize Se Mar Chuke The. Sadhe
Saat Eas Liye Kyonki Saat Mar Chuke The Aur Ek Banda Kafi Din Se Bimar Tha. Doctor
Shahab Bhi Aakele Sadhe Teen Sau Ghar Mai Dava Dete The So Unki Daya Pe Marizo
Ko Dava Milti Thi.

Aur Ek Din Badal Jor Jor Garzne Lage !!

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay


बरस रे मेघा

गर्मी  की  है  मर  अब  तो  बरस  रे  मेघा 

खेतो  की  फरियाद  अब  तो  बरस  रे  मेघा

पंक्षी  की  चहकार  अब  तो  बरस  रे  मेघा

झरने  की  झंकार  अब  तो  बरस  रे  मेघा

नदियों  की  कलकार  अब  तो  बरस  रे  मेघा

मेढक  की  टर  टार  अब  तो  बरस  रे  मेघा

मांझी  की  पतवार  अब  तो  बरस  रे  मेघा

गर्मी  की  है  मर  अब  तो  बरस  रे  मेघा

- कमल  उपाध्याय 

Monday, 2 July 2012

Baras Re Megha

Garmi Ki Hai Mar Ab To Baras Re Megha

Kheto Ki Fariyad Ab To Baras Re Megha

Pankshi Ki Chahkaar Ab To Baras Re Megha

Jharne Ki Jhankaar Ab To Baars Re Megha

Nadiyo Ki Kalkaar Ab To Baras Re Megha

Medhak Ki Tar Taar Ab To Baras Re Megha

Manjhi Ki Patwaar Ab To Baras Re Megha

Garmi Ki Hai Mar Ab To Baras Re Megha

- Kamal Upadhyay

Sunday, 1 July 2012


Pankshi aur Insaan ki pyaas mai bahut antar hai. Pankshi ki pyaas pani se bujh jati hai par parntu insaan ki pyaas din badin badhti jati hai.

ek kavita jo insaan ki badhati jaroorato ke bare mai batati hai.

-Kamal Upadhyay