Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Why I Love(hate) Mumbai

Pritish Nandy wrote a post Why I love Mumbai and that got very
good response on social media. He gave 101 reasons or list of problems which Mumbaikar
faces daily. There were many good and bad examples like ban of Dance bar is
appreciated by many people in Mumbai but same time many people became unhappy
with decision.

I know there can be 101 reasons and problems in Mumbai but
at same time there are also 1001 reason to love Mumbai. Many Young people sitting
in remote corner of India has dream to come Mumbai one day. Mumbai is city of
dream. There were many people in past who came to Mumbai and got name, fame and
money in this dream city.

Sone(gold) Ki Raho Mai Son(sleep) Ki Jagah Nahi !!

There are many people across country who wants to come
Mumbai to fulfill their dream. Someone wants be Actor or someone wants to be
big entrepreneur. There are many opportunities in Mumbai and when it comes to money.
If you have the skill and talent then you can en cash it at your own price.

There are many problems in Mumbai but no mumbaikar wants to
leave this city of dream. There are many reasons for not leaving Mumbai and one
of the best reason is “In Mumbai no one sleep hungry”. You must not be having
place to sleep but you will always get rice place to eat.

I love my Mumbai and I will never
going to leave my city.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

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