Monday, 11 June 2012

President Shree Shree MMS

I was in car with my friend, I was listening Gulazar and I
was thinking about Indian politics. I was thinking about my chance to be next
President of India. I have applied for my passport and I guess will get the
same in next 15days unless some political pressure will force Passport ministries
to delay it so I can’t run in race of President.

Gulzar has such soft
voice and on that when Jagjit Singh sings the Gazal and Sher in between, it’s
like Sone Pe Suhaga. You must be thinking my title for this Post is President
Shree Shree Manmohan Singh then why I am talking about Gulzar & Jagjit
Singh so don’t be confused that’s what Congress is doing, they want to make
Pranab as President and Shree Shree Manmohan Singh is serving as PM.

Shree Shree Manmohan Singh is very good name and have all
skills to be President of India. I don’t say Shree Shree Manmohan Singh is not
doing good as Prime Minister you know his report card which daily get publish in
some or other news channels. I am very optimist person and so Shree Shree
Manmohan Singh. Shree Shree Manomohan Singh has all qualities to be President
and he wants to be President of India. President Banae Ke Bad Kam Se Kam Eas
Umra Mai To Koi Shikhandi Nahi Kahega.

If you think Shree Shree Manmohan is better option for
President than Pranab Mukherjee then share this with your friends.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

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