Sunday, 10 June 2012

Pranab Da as President

“Over skilled
person for under skill job” that’s the first thought came in my mind when
congressmen fired Pranab Mukherjee name as President post. There are very few
good political leaders in India when I say this at that time Pranab Mukherjee
name always there in my mind. Pranab da is doing very good from starting of his
political career and with the god of grace there is no scam registered on his


We all know
president post in India is nothing but a honour for person who is serving well
to his party and political masters. There are many overseas tours  with escort of people from cooking to clicking
picture.  President also gives few awards
every year and for which I don’t think we should appoint Pranab Da.

There are
many other Political leader or non – political one who can do better
justification for President post so let’s select them to serve nation as
President. I am not 35 or else I have given my name as President post.

Pranab Da
has not given good finance budget last time but as per me he can to better in
top ministries like Finance, Defense or education. So I hope Pranan da won’t be
next President of India.



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