Tuesday, 26 June 2012


Definition of
politician in India is known to each and every people. Politician is nothing
but a corrupt person (as per majority). It all starts from grass route level.
Politician is person to whom no one can trust but then also people try to
trust. We all know that in democracy VOTE is biggest weapon and power. We all
have to vote some or other corrupt politician.

Do we have power then? As we can’t select right candidate to represent us. If
we won't go to vote then also someone will win to represent us.

In Western country Politician means a person who has a deep knowledge of
economy and has lot's of Qualifications in his kitty to guide people. In India
we have politician who can’t speak proper Hindi or any of their regional language
but they are representing us. There are rumors that soon definition of
Politician in India will change and we will follow same definition of western
country. I am really sorry to say soon will come after 20years or might won’t

To be politician in India you don't need any Qualifications. A person who knows
how to make people fool can be politician in India. A person who has several
criminal records can be politician. A person who is Actor can be politician and
at last a person whose family members are in politics can be politician.

If a common man like you or me wants to be politician then please don't see
such dream. We all know that a big fish get his food from small fishes so we
common men are the small fishes. We have power to vote but it's of no use as if
you don't vote than also there will be winner. Politicians also know all the
truth therefore they don't want to change anything.

If we want to make India super power and to give healthy life style to our
people then we have to select right candidate to represent us. Who knows about
economy, GDP, Inflation. There is shortage of people like Sahid Bhagat Sing and
Chandrashekhar Aazad who will be happy to get killed for country. Our
politicians make people kill each other to get vote.

There are few good lots are here .We have good politician like Nitish Kumar, Pranab
Mukherjee & Atal Bihari Vajpayee and few more but yes not more than 25.Definition
of Politician should change as early as possible in India for Growth and
Development and to make young people part of politics.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

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