Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Please fight SRK

Hi Sharukh,

I hope you are fine and doing very well !!

Many Many
congratulation for winning IPL !!

I am very happy that you won IPL finally. It’s more about
your winning than team as Team players were earning when they didn’t win and
you will earn more after winning. Now comedy show will not make jokes on you. I
suggest it’s good time to sale the Team at present valuation and please be
careful with all clauses in IPL MOA & AOA or they will cancel license of
your Team and Shukla Shaheb will sale his own IPL team to make IPL more
profitable and controversial.

Ok !! let me come to the point as you know that now a days
all news channels are busy in President election so we are not enjoying
anymore. News channels also tried to play paes and bhupati but it’s been long
time you didn’t make any controversies.

We always enjoy gossip and we enjoy more when it’s about
SRK. You won’t believe that if you will tell your marketing team to download
google analytics for your name then you will come to know numbers of people daily
search for SRK NEWS. My friend Rizwan daily searches SRK News three times in days
and if your google ranking is going high then you should thank my friend

Please fight with some actor.

Please slap some flop movie director.

Please go to Airport of London this time and get detained

Please fight with someone in eurocup football ground

Rizwan gets sad when there is no new news about you on
google and we are not interested to know who will be next President of India.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

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