Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Honour Killing

India is developing nation. India will become Super Power in 2020. Barack
Obama came to India to make business deal so they can make money for their
economy. India is making their image on global map but do we have freedom to
get married with our choice. Indian Middle class is even not agreed for the
Inter Cast marriages.

Even in our society many of the people don't accept Inter Cast marriage. A boy
or girl can cast vote after 18years of age but they can't select their life
partner. Honour killing is one of the biggest examples of non acceptance of
Inter Cast marriages in our society. Government is also not interested to enter
in social life of people as that can lead to big movement of vote bank.Honour
killing in Hariyana and Delhi is one of the example to prove that people in
government are not interested to resolve this issue.

"Marriages are made in heaven" only when you get married with you
family choice. Upper class & middle upper class has accepted Inter Cast
marriage with pride & honour but for middle class even it's like “Izzat Ki
Baat” that what they have earned from their life the Fucking Izzat, which has
no value in actual terms.

Government has also made such arrangement that without paper work it's not
possible to get the registration for marriage. You have to pay money to get all
the papers in places and then you’ll be married to your loved once.

India will become super power but in cast of Inter Cast marriage we have to go
long way. I think after 20year people will accept Inter Cast Marriage and there
won’t be any honour killing. Society and Pride these factors are deciding
marriages between a boy & girl. In the era where same sex marriage has been
accepted by many countries, we have yet to accept Inter Cast Marriage in India.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

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