Friday, 29 June 2012

Ferrari Ki Sawaari - Review

Grand Father, Son & Grand Son.

It’s journey about boy from local Mumbai ground to lords,
from scooter to Ferrari. I read at the end that they used sachin’s Ferrari in
movie. It’s about cricket and car. It’s about emotion & love. It’s about
faith & trust.

Sharman Joshi & Boman Irani has played the role of Parsi
family and they have done justice to their character. Shramn Joshi is an honest
RTO officer in movies and Boman Irani is cricketer but left playing cricket
after accident which caused loss of his eye sight.

Sharman Joshi’s son is very good cricketer but Boman doesn’t
like his playing as he doesn’t trust anyone in cricket because one of his best
friend cheated him due to which he lost his life of cricket. One day sharman
joshi challenged Boman to bowl and out his son and Boman tried his best but he
didn’t get success.

He got trust on his Grand Son and want to see him playing in
International Team.  Shrman’s son has
been selected by big club of UK to play and get trained in lords but they don’t
have money to pay so Ferrari comes in picture.

A wedding planner has promised one Politician that his son’s
Barat will go on Ferrari but she is unable to arrange the same. She offers sharman
to arrange for Ferrari for which she will pay 1.5lacs to sharman. Story runs
around cricket & Ferrari. There is very good balance of emotion. After long
time there is some new writining.

If you have missed the movie then it’s not let yet and go
catch the movie in cinema near by you.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

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