Monday, 7 May 2012

Top Five of Shashi Tharoor

Final cut on @ShashiTharoor

@ShashiTharoor ..I came to know about this name from his controversies.
His cattle class remark on twitter forced me to open twitter account and
to know more about him. There was time when News Channels use to talk anything about Politician
and Actor. There Masala used to be as per the taste of Viewer. 24X7 news
Channels many time cooked story without having any truth. Media took
Tharoor comment many time to criticise him but with the help of twitter
he always cleared his part very well.

Shashi Tharror - Great Leader

Shashi Tharoor is MP from Kerala state. He is only MP who daily updates
about all new development on his state. He is doing his best to make
development in all fields of Kerala. Shashi Tharoor is doing all
possible work to provide Kerala an international platform. A great writer from age of 6. Tharoor wrote many books. A great spoke
person who is having depth knowledge of India and it's politics. Ex
External Affair Minister did great work in foreign affairs. His books
have mind blowing impact on People of world.

View on Shashi Tharoors's Post on Free Speech

I am very happy to know that even Shashi Tharoor is not in favor of censorship provided by few buts. I am totally agreed that trend like #IdiotKapilSibal is wrong and people
should have condemned him like critics then road side hooligan. I never
commented nasty comment on anyone and yes few times got abusive words
from others on my time line.

Cattle Class – Shashi Tharoor

Few years back Shashi Tharoor came in news due to his remark of cattle
class on economy class flight. Congress wanted to fly their minister in
economy class to save tax payer money. On one hand Congress was asking
their minister to control their expenses incurred by tax payers money
and same time Minister like Shashi Tharoor was living in five star

Twitter & Tharoor

Shashi Tharoor crossed the mark of 10lacs follower on twitter, which
shows the growing publicity of Tharoor. "Tharoor" Master of words
commanding a very good position with new generations with the help of
technology. Tharoor's platform of twitter helping him to reach 10lacs
people, Who are reading, reacting and suggesting him on every moment.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

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