Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Top 10 on Shree Manmohan Singh

Letter to Prime Minsiter

Dear Prime Minister,


I would like to congratulate you for your second term as Prime Minister
of India. I know you did hard work in 1st term to make your place safe
for the chair of Prime Minister. I also know many of your own people
& also from opposition did best to make you out.

Prime Minister & BJP

Dear Prime Minister,

You are failed to set up JPC for enquiry of 2G scam. You are ready to
appear in front of PAC so why not JPC? We all know that 2010 is years of
scams. It all started with

• Shashi Tharoor’s wife share in Kerala IPL team

• Kalmadi’s Toilet roll of 4K in CWG

• Ashok Chavans and Adarsh Scam

• 2G Scam ( The Baap of all scams)

Letter reply from Prime Minister

Dear Kamal,

You are writing me letter from long time through your blog Kamal
Upadhyay - Doing Kamaal. I am not much literate about Internet so my
apology for late reply. My assistant told me that you are damaging my
image through your blog.

Prime Minister Failure

Most of the people of India worship Gandhi ji for his contribution
towards freedom of India. Leader is always get praise for good work of
his team. People abuse Hitlar because he leads to loss of life on human
being in 2nd World War. Hitlar was very good dictator. He was very good
leader. He fought for the Germany as there were many taxes on Germany
due to 1st World War.

Mai Prime Minister Bol Raha Hu

Prime Minister of India has finally decided to speak with Median
frequently. Prime Minister has been criticized badly all over for his
silence on every day scam and corruption charges taking place in India.
He got the approval from High Command to speak with Media.

Exclusive Interview with Prime Minister

I wrote a post on PM's speech & meeting with some selected editors of 
print media. After reading my post PMO office called me and scheduled meeting with PM.

Letter to Prime Minister for Anna issue

Dear Prime Minister,

It’s after long time I am writing you letter. I got your last letter
written to me. You covered all the issues of my letters. You have
covered the point of corruption and scam in your letter reply.

“Ho Raha Bharat Nirman”

MMS to be out

Shree Manmohan Singh is 2nd time Prime Minister from UPA2. UPA2 has not
done good performance. They have ghost like 2G and CWG scam. In last parliament election BJP tried to prove that Manmohan Singh is
weak candidate but Congress supported MMS as their PM candidate and won

Ab to bolo PM pyare

आदरणीय प्रधानमंत्री महोदय ,

सभी भारत वासियों की तरफ से मेरा नमस्कार स्वीकार करे !

हमारे देश मई महंगाई आपनी चरम सीमा पर पहुच गयी है ! सभी भारत
वाशी मांगे की मार झेल रहे है ! हर कोई सोच रहा है , कब
महंगाई काबू मई आयेग i ! परन्तु आप की सर्कार महंगाई को काबू
करने मई अस्क्ष्चम है !

Letter to PM from Lalkrishna Advani

Dear Weak Prime Minister,

I am very well and hope you are well to in Delhi.

Khoosh To Bahut HO Ge Tum !! Bina Kisi Mehnat Ke jo Tum Prime Minister Ban Gaye !!

I am doing so much hardwork to become Prime Minister but not getting
chance. I am the only person who did so much yatra in his life time. My
total hours of experience of Rath Yatra are much more than Krishan and
Arjun in Mahabharat.

MMS New Year Resolution

In 2012 everyone is busy to decide New Year resolution. Smokers are not
going to smoke and drunker are not going to drink. Everyone is busy to
do something good in 2012. I am only person who is writing against
people and getting abuse by them.

What will be New Year resolution of MMS?

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