Tuesday, 1 May 2012

President or Joker

The President election in India has become a joke. In country like US
people elect president where as in India president get selected by political
party. President of India is 1st citizen of our country but he has
no value other than being National Heritage for 5 years.

There were few presidents who tried to increase their KRA (Key Result Area) but most of the time they served their five year and took
retirement from the post. The President of India has very limited rights as in our
country the parliament is supreme.

There is news that next President can be from a non political
background. This sentence itself clarifies the importance of President of
India. If President has the right to take core decision and non political person can
be the President, then it should be of serious concern but a writer or social activist
can serve on post it means the post has teeth like elephant which are of no use
other than to show off.

If you are thinking that who will be next president of


You or I can be president of India. There is no need of experience
to give awards once in an year. I guess a normal person also knows how to
give Khel Ratna Purshkar. If you have a passport and you are eligible to go out
of India then you can consider yourself to be in race of President.

India should seriously think about the post of President. They
should either remove this post or there should be more powers and
responsibilities with extended KRA.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

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