Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Letter to Shree Manmohan Singh & his reply

Letter to Prime Minister

Dear Prime Minister,


I would like to congratulate you for your second term as Prime Minister of India. I know you did hard work in 1st term to make your place safe for the chair of Prime Minister. I also know many of your own people & also from opposition did best to make you out. I am very happy that you managed well with economy in recession time. When people all over globe was looking for job & I was getting appraisal every 6month. I also know you are the best person to handle Indian Economy.

Letter reply from Prime Minister

Dear Kamal,

You are writing me letter from long time through your blog Kamal
Upadhyay - Doing Kamaal. I am not much literate about Internet so my
apology for late reply. My assistant told me that you are damaging my
image through your blog. Kamal, I know that you people expect too much from me but friend let me
tell you, I am also a human being. I did my graduation in Economics and I
have very good knowledge about Finance. in 1991 when India was going
through financial crunch, I introduced LPG policy and today you can see where we are.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

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