Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Indian Parliament - MPs

Indian is one of the biggest democracies. We appoint our representative
by giving out our valuable vote (has no value after voting). We appoint MPs to
take care of our needs like Road,Water,Electricity and many other things. MPs
form a government with their vote and elect Primes Minister. Prime Minister
appoints Ministers for various fields of work like TELECOM, agriculture etc.

Meeting of MPs take place at Parliament for which they get many free allowances
from tax payers Money. We have voted and appointed MPs to take care of work at
the best. They can debate for the approval or rejection of government policies.
They can also pass cut motion in Parliament with majority to elect new PM and
Government. Any of remarks in parliament can’t be challenged in court so our MPs
take maximum benefits for this clause to put allegation on each other.

We are very sorry to see that our MPs are more interested either walking out of
Parliament or debating on issues like Ban of cartoon in books. We have elected
them to debate but they are happy to boycott and enjoy their extended holiday.
They don’t want cartoon to be published in books as that will create wrong
image of Politicians in mind of small children but they don’t think for their
own image when they fight live in parliament and throw table & chairs
(Goons behave like this ?)


There are many other important issues like rotting grain on which MPs should
debate in parliament. We all know parliament is supreme but to keep that
respect alive our MPs have to work hard.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

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