Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Real Estate & Mumbai

"Roti,Kapda aur Makaan" these are three basic needs of human
being. In Mumbai Roti & Kapda is very easy to get but "Makaan" is
very difficult. In India Real Estate prices are going high with every passing

It's difficult for normal people with salary of 15-20 thousand to get his dream
home in Mumbai. Some out skirts of Mumbai (neighbour cities) are also getting
costly with every passing day.

A week back there was survey in real estate sector which said that it's
difficult for person to purchase house in Mumbai with salary of 1lac per month.
If your dream house cost is 70lacs then you have to pay 20lacs as black money.
You have to apply for loan with 50lacs registered value. You have to pay 15%
cash to avail the loan of 50lacs. If your loan is for 20years then you have to
pay 45000 per month for EMI but before doing all this getting Rs27.5lacs cash
money is big deal.

We have seen in past that how people of big corporate companies like LIC
Housing are involved with financial scam to support builders to hike the prices
of property. Black money is among the key factor for increase in property
rates. In pat black money was going into swizz account but at present time it’s
all coming in real estate market of India. There are several Benami properties
across India.

Corruption and property prices increased in same time because property market
is safe place to divert all black money. You can register as many benami
properties you want to register. All black money coming in to property market
leads to Increase in properties Prices.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Kamaal Ke Bol - Traffic in Mumbai

In Mumbai traffic problem is increasing with every passing
day. Vehicles on road are getting increased with increasing per capita income.
Roads are getting worst with every passing day. There is need of rapid
infrastructure development to sole this traffic issue.

Here we go with Kamaal Ke Bol on traffic problem in Mumbai.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Kamaal Ke Bol - My 1st Goa Trip

Goa gaya tha mai ghumane, mere liye bahut hee anokhi baat hai. to suniye mere goa ka experience. Goa ki kahani meri jubani.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

Kamaal Ke Bol - Cartoon Ko Cartoon Mat Kaho

Pichhale kuchh dino mai, hamare Parliament mai ek cartoon ke upar bawal ho gaya. Eas waqt jab hamre desh mai bahut see samsye hai, hamari parliament cartoon ke upar debate kar rahi. chaliye sunate hai kya kahena hai logo ka eas bare mai, meri jubani.

Cartoon ko cartoon hee kahenge.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Cartoon Ko Cartoon Na Kaho

Bhai yaha
mai kisake bare mai baat kar raha hu aapko pata he hoga. Naam na lu badhiya
hai, kyonki naam lene pe pharmaan jari kar denge, mujhe jail mai dal denge aur
mera blog band kara denge. Chup rahane mai hee meri bhalai hai par kya karu
Mithun rashi ka hu chup baithna achha nahi lagta. Bhgwan ne mithun rashi mai
paida kiya to vo bhi yahi chahate hai ki mai bolta rahu.

Bhai Takle
ko Takla kahoge to use bahut gussa aata hai. Mujhe nahi aata log bulate hai
mujhe takla kabhi pyaar se to kabhi khhunas. Bhai Mumbai se hu
to hindi todhi bambiya hai par yaar cartoon ko cartoon bolo to cartoon chidh
jate hai. Cartoon kahete hai ki cartoon mat banao. Bhai cartoon to vyang ka ek
aham part hai. Cartoon se achha vyang bina bole nahi ho sakta.

Bharat ek
aajad mulk hai par aajad mulk mai aajadi roz kam hoti ja rahi hai. Kabhi kehete
hai net par censor lagayenge, kabhi kehte jail bhijwynge aur ab kehete hai
Deshvasiyo cartoon chhodo. Are bhai cartoon to matra ek jariya hai vyang ka, ab
aap desh sambhalane nikale ho to vyang bhai sahe lo. Jo galat nahi ho to kyo
darate ho. Gandhi ke bare me bhi logo ne bahut bhala bura kaha par Gandhi to
Gandhi hai. Vichar nahi badle logo ke Ganhdi ke bare me maine bahut prytna kar
chukka mai, phir bhi log Bapu hee kahete hai.

Cartoon ka
virodh karte ho par jab swyanm cartoon vali harkat karate ho tab nahi sochate. Are
bhai koi sabhya insaan kabhi ek dusare par table, khurchi phaikta hai kya ? jab
hamne kaha kyo phaikte ho to kehete to jail mail dal do. Cartoon hai mazak ke
liye bana hai mazak ki tarah lo. Complaint kyo karte ho. Bharat aajad mulk hai
par tum usake malik bilkul nahi ho. Ab jyda nahi kahunga aur logo se request
karunga cartoon ko cartoon mat kaho. aur agar kahena hai to kaho catroon hai bura kyo manenge.

Doing Kamaal,
Kamal Upadhyay

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Indian Parliament - MPs

Indian is one of the biggest democracies. We appoint our representative
by giving out our valuable vote (has no value after voting). We appoint MPs to
take care of our needs like Road,Water,Electricity and many other things. MPs
form a government with their vote and elect Primes Minister. Prime Minister
appoints Ministers for various fields of work like TELECOM, agriculture etc.

Meeting of MPs take place at Parliament for which they get many free allowances
from tax payers Money. We have voted and appointed MPs to take care of work at
the best. They can debate for the approval or rejection of government policies.
They can also pass cut motion in Parliament with majority to elect new PM and
Government. Any of remarks in parliament can’t be challenged in court so our MPs
take maximum benefits for this clause to put allegation on each other.

We are very sorry to see that our MPs are more interested either walking out of
Parliament or debating on issues like Ban of cartoon in books. We have elected
them to debate but they are happy to boycott and enjoy their extended holiday.
They don’t want cartoon to be published in books as that will create wrong
image of Politicians in mind of small children but they don’t think for their
own image when they fight live in parliament and throw table & chairs
(Goons behave like this ?)


There are many other important issues like rotting grain on which MPs should
debate in parliament. We all know parliament is supreme but to keep that
respect alive our MPs have to work hard.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

Friday, 11 May 2012

Word - Sex

I know writing about Politics is very easy. I know writing about
Social Things is very easy but I also know writing about Sex is very
difficult in our society. People always try to ignore This word in
public places. Sex is part of our culture. KaamSutra was one of the
biggest sources of Sex and about knowledge of Sex. We have given
KaamSutra to world but even we don’t want to talk about Sex openly.

don’t want to discuss about Sex with his/her doctor though they are
getting trouble due to sex issues in their life. I don’t want that
people should speak about their intercourse in public but yes trouble
should be shared.

is biggest diseases due to our ignorance of Sex in public life. We
don’t like to speak word P***** or V***** in open. We just want to
ignore this topic. We have ignored the East India company and they ruled
on us for 200 years. We never learnt anything from such incident.

is one of fastest growing economy in world so our population. India is
2nd in population in world. We ignore the word SEX so we ignore healthy
future of India. We should come in open with the knowledge of Sex. We
should share knowledge of Sex with our friends. I know it’ll take
another 10years to speak Sex with family.

I recently
saw a movie in which son speak with her mother as fun about
Condom-Condom. India is society full of cultures and values but don’t we
have sculptures of Sex based on Kaamsutra. We should come open with

We throw an Artist out of India as he had drawn a
picture of our Godess as nude. We don’t want to accept truth of Sex,
which is source of Life. I am not telling to paint everything nude but
yes we should paint something Nude.

India should speak word SEX to make Healthy India.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Top 10 on Shree Manmohan Singh

Letter to Prime Minsiter

Dear Prime Minister,


I would like to congratulate you for your second term as Prime Minister
of India. I know you did hard work in 1st term to make your place safe
for the chair of Prime Minister. I also know many of your own people
& also from opposition did best to make you out.

Prime Minister & BJP

Dear Prime Minister,

You are failed to set up JPC for enquiry of 2G scam. You are ready to
appear in front of PAC so why not JPC? We all know that 2010 is years of
scams. It all started with

• Shashi Tharoor’s wife share in Kerala IPL team

• Kalmadi’s Toilet roll of 4K in CWG

• Ashok Chavans and Adarsh Scam

• 2G Scam ( The Baap of all scams)

Letter reply from Prime Minister

Dear Kamal,

You are writing me letter from long time through your blog Kamal
Upadhyay - Doing Kamaal. I am not much literate about Internet so my
apology for late reply. My assistant told me that you are damaging my
image through your blog.

Prime Minister Failure

Most of the people of India worship Gandhi ji for his contribution
towards freedom of India. Leader is always get praise for good work of
his team. People abuse Hitlar because he leads to loss of life on human
being in 2nd World War. Hitlar was very good dictator. He was very good
leader. He fought for the Germany as there were many taxes on Germany
due to 1st World War.

Mai Prime Minister Bol Raha Hu

Prime Minister of India has finally decided to speak with Median
frequently. Prime Minister has been criticized badly all over for his
silence on every day scam and corruption charges taking place in India.
He got the approval from High Command to speak with Media.

Exclusive Interview with Prime Minister

I wrote a post on PM's speech & meeting with some selected editors of 
print media. After reading my post PMO office called me and scheduled meeting with PM.

Letter to Prime Minister for Anna issue

Dear Prime Minister,

It’s after long time I am writing you letter. I got your last letter
written to me. You covered all the issues of my letters. You have
covered the point of corruption and scam in your letter reply.

“Ho Raha Bharat Nirman”

MMS to be out

Shree Manmohan Singh is 2nd time Prime Minister from UPA2. UPA2 has not
done good performance. They have ghost like 2G and CWG scam. In last parliament election BJP tried to prove that Manmohan Singh is
weak candidate but Congress supported MMS as their PM candidate and won

Ab to bolo PM pyare

आदरणीय प्रधानमंत्री महोदय ,

सभी भारत वासियों की तरफ से मेरा नमस्कार स्वीकार करे !

हमारे देश मई महंगाई आपनी चरम सीमा पर पहुच गयी है ! सभी भारत
वाशी मांगे की मार झेल रहे है ! हर कोई सोच रहा है , कब
महंगाई काबू मई आयेग i ! परन्तु आप की सर्कार महंगाई को काबू
करने मई अस्क्ष्चम है !

Letter to PM from Lalkrishna Advani

Dear Weak Prime Minister,

I am very well and hope you are well to in Delhi.

Khoosh To Bahut HO Ge Tum !! Bina Kisi Mehnat Ke jo Tum Prime Minister Ban Gaye !!

I am doing so much hardwork to become Prime Minister but not getting
chance. I am the only person who did so much yatra in his life time. My
total hours of experience of Rath Yatra are much more than Krishan and
Arjun in Mahabharat.

MMS New Year Resolution

In 2012 everyone is busy to decide New Year resolution. Smokers are not
going to smoke and drunker are not going to drink. Everyone is busy to
do something good in 2012. I am only person who is writing against
people and getting abuse by them.

What will be New Year resolution of MMS?

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Letter to Shree Manmohan Singh & his reply

Letter to Prime Minister

Dear Prime Minister,


I would like to congratulate you for your second term as Prime Minister of India. I know you did hard work in 1st term to make your place safe for the chair of Prime Minister. I also know many of your own people & also from opposition did best to make you out. I am very happy that you managed well with economy in recession time. When people all over globe was looking for job & I was getting appraisal every 6month. I also know you are the best person to handle Indian Economy.

Letter reply from Prime Minister

Dear Kamal,

You are writing me letter from long time through your blog Kamal
Upadhyay - Doing Kamaal. I am not much literate about Internet so my
apology for late reply. My assistant told me that you are damaging my
image through your blog. Kamal, I know that you people expect too much from me but friend let me
tell you, I am also a human being. I did my graduation in Economics and I
have very good knowledge about Finance. in 1991 when India was going
through financial crunch, I introduced LPG policy and today you can see where we are.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

Monday, 7 May 2012

Top Five of Shashi Tharoor

Final cut on @ShashiTharoor

@ShashiTharoor ..I came to know about this name from his controversies.
His cattle class remark on twitter forced me to open twitter account and
to know more about him. There was time when News Channels use to talk anything about Politician
and Actor. There Masala used to be as per the taste of Viewer. 24X7 news
Channels many time cooked story without having any truth. Media took
Tharoor comment many time to criticise him but with the help of twitter
he always cleared his part very well.

Shashi Tharror - Great Leader

Shashi Tharoor is MP from Kerala state. He is only MP who daily updates
about all new development on his state. He is doing his best to make
development in all fields of Kerala. Shashi Tharoor is doing all
possible work to provide Kerala an international platform. A great writer from age of 6. Tharoor wrote many books. A great spoke
person who is having depth knowledge of India and it's politics. Ex
External Affair Minister did great work in foreign affairs. His books
have mind blowing impact on People of world.

View on Shashi Tharoors's Post on Free Speech

I am very happy to know that even Shashi Tharoor is not in favor of censorship provided by few buts. I am totally agreed that trend like #IdiotKapilSibal is wrong and people
should have condemned him like critics then road side hooligan. I never
commented nasty comment on anyone and yes few times got abusive words
from others on my time line.

Cattle Class – Shashi Tharoor

Few years back Shashi Tharoor came in news due to his remark of cattle
class on economy class flight. Congress wanted to fly their minister in
economy class to save tax payer money. On one hand Congress was asking
their minister to control their expenses incurred by tax payers money
and same time Minister like Shashi Tharoor was living in five star

Twitter & Tharoor

Shashi Tharoor crossed the mark of 10lacs follower on twitter, which
shows the growing publicity of Tharoor. "Tharoor" Master of words
commanding a very good position with new generations with the help of
technology. Tharoor's platform of twitter helping him to reach 10lacs
people, Who are reading, reacting and suggesting him on every moment.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Satyamev Jayate !!

Kya shuruta ki meri bhai ne, mujhe pahele he pata tha Bhai
kar raha hai to koochh alag kargea. Mudda koi naya nahi hai, Kanya bhrun hatya
ke bare mai ham sab jante hai but when Aamir Khan is talking about it then definitely
it’ll catch more eyes and we can also hope for some solution.

Apne naye TV show Satyamev Jayate mai Aamir Khan ne Kanya Bhrun
hatya ko highlight kiya. I am surprised to know that it’s government who started
sex detection test and helped people to kill girl foetus to control increasing population
of India.

Girls are getting sold in name of marriage. Sarkar soyi hai “Galib
ne Likha Sunane Mai Maja aata hai” par hamari Sarkar ne kaan me headphone dal
ke Galib ka itna maza le rahi hai ki duniya me kya ho raha hai pata nahi.

It’s just not about poor or rich, it’s about our society who
is accepting such kind of people. It’s time to raise our voice and save girl
foetus to make better future of India.

Bhai aage aur bhi mudde lekar aayega. He’ll talk about more
issues and clear our myth about them. Bhai kar raha hai to perfection se
karega, Bhai ke perfection se ham sab bharat ke bahut se undikhe pahelu

Satyemev Jayate

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

Friday, 4 May 2012

1st Goa Trip

tha mai ! Yahi koi 12year old. I was in 7th class. Padhai, likhai to kam aur
khel kud jayda karta tha. Papa Bank mai kaam karte the to ghar mai sukh suvidha
ki Har cheez maujud thi. Hamare ghar par refrizarator bhi tha, aap kahenge
usame badi baat kya hai to bhai in 1992 only few people all over India was
having refrizarator at their home. In summers entire colony used to come at our
home to drink cold water.

was closed for Diwali vacation. I was enjoying holiday at home. Papa came home
in evening aur Maa ko hall me bulaya mai Vahi baitha TV dekh raha tha shayad
Aapko pata na Hoga par in 1992 TV was not having presence in every household of
India like now a days. Log 2KM door se mere ghar Sunday ke din Shree Krishna dekhane aathe the.

Papa ne
maa se kaha samaan bag mai dalo ham ghumane jaa rahe hai. Mai Jhat se aapni
jagah se utha aur Papa ki God mai jaakar baith gaya. Papa ne meri utsukta ko
dekha aur kaha we are going to Goa. I have read about Goa in my Geography
book. It was very ideal place for vacation and full of foreign tourist. Mai
Maharashtra ke chhote se Kasabe ka banda Goa jaa raha hu.

dusare din dosto ke saath khelane Gaya aur unhe khoob khush hokar mere Goa
Jaane ke bare me bataya, few friends were happy for me and few were sad ye soch
kar ki unhe kab Goa jane ka mauka milega. Puri - Bhaji ban gayi, Maa packed all
bags. Auto darwaje pe khada tha aur ham apna saaman lekar usame me baith gaye.
Station se Train pakdi aur Goa pahuch gaye.

Goa ! Goa ! Goa !

We reached Goa. It was like dream for me. We started our trip with
Church and Architecture & construction. Mere chhote se gaon mai hamne
itana bada Mahal nahi dekha tha jitna bada Goa mai logo ka rahene ka makan tha.
Khush to tha mai par koochh missing laga raha tha. 12 saal ka bachcha koochh
jyda hee soach raha tha.

Agale din

Agale din

Agale din

Papa hame Goa beach par le gaye. Vaha, kya najara tha.
Nariyal ke ped charo taraf phaile hue the samndar mai lahere gota kha rahi thi.
Achanak  mere samne se ek Russian ladki
gujari. Oh my god that was GOA. Semi nude girls everywhere on beach, in 1992 we
are not having mobile loaded with XX & XXX porn movies for child like me it
was like I am in some 3D movie. Kya najara tha yaar charo taraf Jalpariya ghoom
rahi thi. GOA bolu ya jannat, mujhe pata nahi tha. Papa bhi meri aur maa ki najar bacha kar uan Russian girls ko dekh rahe the, Maa uan Russian girls ko
dekh kar Sharma rahi thi. Goa mai charo taraf foreigners hee ghumate dikhte the aur shayad unhone ne hee Goa ko Goa banaya.

Finally! We came back to village par vo Goa ki yaden aaj bhi
mere man mai use tarha jinda hai.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Ghotalo Ka Desh Bharat

I was checking statics of my blog today and I saw a person landed on my blog searching for “Ghotalo Ka Desh Bharat”. Ek Samay tha jab bharat ko sone ki Chidiya ke naam se jaana jata that. 1857 mai angrej aaye aur bharat ka sona loot kar le gaye.

Bharat ko 1947 mai aajadi mail gayi. Angrejo ke jane ke bad bhi bharat mai bahut sampati aur dhan-daulat bachi thi. Jo koochh bacha use ham Bhartiyo ne lutna chalu kar diya. SEVEK SE LEKE MALIK TAK HAR KOI CHORI MAI LAGA HAI.

Pichhale kooch varso mai Ghotalo ne aapne record tod diya. Har din ho rahe ghotalo ne Bharat ke saath saath bhartiyo ko bhi pure sansaar mai badnaam kar diya. 2G ghotale ne Bharat ka naam itana badnaam kiya ki ab log google par Bharat ko dhoodhante waqt saath mai ghotalo ka desh likhna nahi bhulte.

Sanskrit mai ek shlok hai ki

“Akale kritya karbdham kartunarthay kalpate !

Tadev kale charabdham mahate arthay kalpate !!

Galat Samay mai shuru kiye gaye kaam ka koi laabh nahi hota parantu sahi samay pe shuru kiye gaye kaam se bahut laabh hota hai. Kisan yadi barish hone ke baad muhrut ka intazaar kare aur beej nahi boye to use phasal nahi milegee.

Hamari sarkaar ko ab muhurat ka intazaar chhodkar ek majoobt barath ki sanrachan ke liye prayash karana chahiye.

Kar Raha Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

President or Joker

The President election in India has become a joke. In country like US
people elect president where as in India president get selected by political
party. President of India is 1st citizen of our country but he has
no value other than being National Heritage for 5 years.

There were few presidents who tried to increase their KRA (Key Result Area) but most of the time they served their five year and took
retirement from the post. The President of India has very limited rights as in our
country the parliament is supreme.

There is news that next President can be from a non political
background. This sentence itself clarifies the importance of President of
India. If President has the right to take core decision and non political person can
be the President, then it should be of serious concern but a writer or social activist
can serve on post it means the post has teeth like elephant which are of no use
other than to show off.

If you are thinking that who will be next president of


You or I can be president of India. There is no need of experience
to give awards once in an year. I guess a normal person also knows how to
give Khel Ratna Purshkar. If you have a passport and you are eligible to go out
of India then you can consider yourself to be in race of President.

India should seriously think about the post of President. They
should either remove this post or there should be more powers and
responsibilities with extended KRA.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay