Tuesday, 3 April 2012


In last
few years Mumbai got several of sky walk. This is good for our city. More sky
walk means more comfort to Mumbaikar as there are sky walk there is no need to
cross Road & Rail Track. If mumbaikars will use sky walk then there will be
less DEATH & ACCIDENTS. Tax payer’s money is getting right way i.e for
development of city. On sky walk you can walk thinking something or can do
tweeting and updating your facebook page as there is no chance that some Vehicle
will come and knock out you. Development of Sky walk has been done for good
reason but many issues came in light after development of sky walk.

Sky Walk 10.30am

Any day
of week you can walk on this Sky walk but you won't get anyone other than you
& security guard walking on this sky walk. They have kept security Guard on
Sky Walk so Love Birds won’t come there for kissing and missing.

Skywalk 07.30pm

I visited
sky walk at 7.30pm when there is no space to walk on Railway Station but this
flyover got hardly any feet to walk on them.

Skywalk 10.30pm 

In the
Night also no one is there to walk so why such big skywalk get constructed
before any prior feasibility research. Crores of Money spent on construction of
these skywalks all over Mumbai. There are very few people walking on these sky
walk as it has been constructed on wrong place.

We are
getting scam after scam in every passing day and I thought to write this on
which you can think how our money is getting spent in many areas in name of
development. I am sure construction of this Sky walk is not scam but why so
many Sky Walk get constructed.

If you
don't have anyone to walk on these Skywalks then please remove all security
guards at least Lovers can use these skywalks as their Love Zone.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

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