Friday, 13 April 2012

President of India

I want to be President of India. You can ask me what happened suddenly and I want to be President of India.
From my 25years of experience in life what I have noticed following

  1. President of India is not responsible for any up or down in economy.

  2. President of India has least or no power for any decision directly or
    indirectly related to India.

  3. President of India work as Rubber Stamp for all the decision taken by

  4. There is no need for the knowledge of politics only good relationship
    with few big politically party is required.

  5. The post of President of India very much secure provided you survive
    your life for that 5 years.

  6. President of India gets the Royal Treatment, in other words you can say
    he is King.

  7. President of India gets lots of free visit for overseas. 

  8. You will get a good house after retirement. 

From all of the
above I can say that President of India is a King who can't rule his Kingdom. There
is no need of knowledge or quality to be President.

One of the most the important reasons to be President of India is there no kaam
and full aaram. Aaram kise pasand nahi and my name will get included in
list of Indian President. There were few good president in past but I guess it's time for India to think about the post of President.

I want to be President of India.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

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