Thursday, 5 April 2012

IPL and Entertainment

I am not a cricket fan as for me it's waste of time to spent 7hours in
front of TV for game which is not active so active on field.T20 and IPL gave us the chance to enjoy cricket Being Mumbaikar and having no
Interest in cricket. I started watching IPL & Dada is my best player so I
supported KKR.

KKR failed to get any break throw in all the last season of IPL so they dropped
DaDa out of Team. Let SRK know that Dada was one of the successful captains
among Indian Team.

Abhijitmajumder told during one of IPL match that his gut feel says that one of
IPL match was fix. I would like to thank Mr.Majumdar to say such thing here on
web. IPL is game for entertainment, If you want to see the class cricket then
watch Test Cricket. IPL is hit game of entertainment due to their 6s & 4s
and Twist & Turn.

I am supporting Mumbai Indians this time as being Mumbaikar. In World Cup
entire nation was with Team India but the same nation is divided among 10parts
in IPL. There was joke " Mumbai & Delhi based couple took divorce due
to their loyalty against different team" wish this will be remain as joke

I will wish to God that KKR should come on No.10 in this season of IPL. It's
normal human tendency to wish bad for others than good for them self so Sorry
SRK. I appeal to all DaDa's fan to pray for No.10 position of KKR. I'll also request
Team IPL to fix all the matches if they are not doing so angry give more
entertainment to the people.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

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