Saturday, 28 April 2012

Babagiri – New Business

In old era
after the age of 50 Men & Women used to take Sanyaas or old monk who wanted
dedicate their entire life towards spiritual
Sanyaasi very highly respected person from ancient India.
There were Aashram across India where were for people to live after Sanyaas. In
ancient India Brahamin used to take Sanyaas as we came from very complicated
cast culture so Spirituality was meant for Brahaamin.

There were many things
changed with time !

Lord Ram is pictured as the
ideal man and the perfect human and later on Krishna is portray as various
perspectives: a god-child, a prankster, a model lover, a divine hero and the
Supreme Being
. Lord Vishnu took many Avatar and played different
characters as per requirement.

Babagiri which started from ancient
India also changed meaning with time. Sanyaasi used to walk barefoot or wearing
khadau (Slipper made of wood). They used to wear saffron cloth. Now a days Baba’s
are wearing sport shoe. Baba’s are travelling in luxury cars and covering miles
from plane. Baba’s have security guard with Guns to protect them.

Babagiri became trade than
practice to preach spirituality. Baba’s are having Bank account in every
national bank so you don’t have to think much before giving donation. They are
wearing Mukut (hat) and there are Baba’s with shaved face. Baba’s are sitting
in AC room and meeting devotes and some are going beyond meeting.

I learnt about marketing
during my graduation year. After finance marketing is one of the important key
for success of your product. I guess Baba’s have MBA marketing working with
them. Baba’s are very professional with their marketing strategy. They have
hoarding on each and every building. Baba;s have their posters across 3KM
diameter of their Pravchan place.

Politics ? (don't want to write on this topic)

I saw hoarding of one female
and thought that she is model of some product and later on realised that she is
nothing but a female baba. She was having dark red lipstick on her lip and very
fair face to think people like me than giving feel of Sanyaasi.

I want to enter into
business of Babagiri and looking for finance. I’ll forward my CV in detailed to
prove that I am ideal candidate for being Baba.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

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