Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Aamir Khaan

Is there anything special in this name?

If you make your camera frame from upside then you'll get a small person doing
acting in frame and that person is our own Aamir Khan. You may ask, I started
with negative point of Mr.Khan though there are many good points to write about
him. I wrote about Aamir Kaha height because “
मूर्ति लहान पण
कीर्ति महान!
Aamir is doing very good work in industry from last
many years and he also produced movies like Taare Zameen Par and Peepli Live
which was based on social issue.

Aamir khan became BRAND NAME. People have more trust on him when it comes to
acting. I’ll interview Aamir Khan one day for my Blog and that day my blog will
become super hit.

Do you know 5 character names of any hero than Aamir Khan? I know Vijay played
bb Amita Bachchan and Prem played by Salman Khan in their various movies but we
have different name for Aamir Khan in mind with his character name. If it comes
to Aamir Khan then Mangal Pandey, ACP Rathod, DJ, Bhuvan, Rancho or Foonsuk
wangadu. There are many people who know character name of our Aamir Khan.

I went to see Peepli(LIVE) as Aamir was involved with this and there will be
something different. It was good movie with all good points. You can say Mr. Perfectionist
to him. and wait, he doesn't need stamp from anyone because he is Mr. Perfectionist.

3IDIOTS was normal story but It Producer, Director and Aamir Khan (including
other Actor) made it extra ordinary movie. Mr.Bhagat should try to make some
movie and try to get success then making ho halla about story writer name?

Aamir Khan is Brand and to get success you should follow Aamir Khan and success
will follow you.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

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