Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Rail Budget – Dinesh Trivedi

What is difference between elected and selected minister ?

Elected Minister will open the Pandora as per his wish ?

Selected Minister will open the Pandora as per wish of Chairman of selection committee?

Dinesh Trivedi increased the Rail Fare in his Rail Budget “AA BAIL MUJHE MAR” soon after his rail budget Kolakata came in action and media got the news that on One of the Best Day of his life Dinesh Trivedi will be sacked from his post. Dinesh Trivedi has justified his stand of increase in rail fare but politics doesn’t understand fact they just understand vote bank.

Rail Budget has been praised by Prime Minister and Bechara Dinesh Bhai sacked for presenting same budget. In coalition government it became “Khel of Madari and Zamura” and centre is dancing on tune of West Bengal.

TMC leaders want special financials package for West Bengal and they are doing all the drama for same reason from FDI to Rail Budget. We all know didi has no choice of taking her support back from UPA as then whom she will support.

It’s time to think about Rail. Mamta should work for the better future of Rail in India than doing politics on price hike. People are ready to pay more but at same time they are expecting quality service from Railway.

Dinesh Bhai stand was very good to give safe journey in Railway but in politics fact doesn’t work. Here only vote bank works.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

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