Monday, 12 March 2012

Letter from Salary class to Pranab Da

Dear Pranba Da,

I wish for your best but knowing about present political situation in Delhi due to UP result has disturbed you. I know there was news of bug in your office few months before to know about the deals and laws going to passed. I also know that Mamta Di is creating so much trouble for UPA 2, which often gives chance to our Media to ask about life of UPA2. Let me assure you that you will create five year of UPA2 terms.

I am writing you this letter on behalf of salary class people (between 1.80lacs to 5lacs). You are the finance minister of India so I don’t think that I should tell you about prize of vegetables and milk. You know how the prizes of essential commodity increased in last few years. Please also note that inflation may go up and down but in retail market if prizes are increased once they never come down so we don’t care about inflation.

I have few points for which you should think before presenting financial budget in this session. I also know that if you will give too much relief to people then opposition will call it election budget and same time if you won’t give more relief to people opposition will try to throw you out and yes Mamta Di is also there.

Taxable Salary Limit : You want people earning more than 1.80 lacs in year should pay tax @10.3% on their income but sir come to dream city Mumbai here you won’t get anything. My yearly expense to buy Milk is Rs 35,049/- Vegetable Rs 21,900/- Grocery, Oil, Gas Rs 1,64,250/- Cable, Electricity bill, Mobile Bill, Internet charges Rs 17,760 for which total come to Rs 2,38,950/- also note in all above expenses I have not included Rent per year is Rs 72,000/0 for 320 Sq/.feet carpet area. Sir trust me all the above expense are around of Rs 3,11,000/-. I am unable to do any saving from above income and in that also you want me to pay Tax. I request you to increase taxable salary limit for Rs 3lacs minimum.

Conveyance Expenses : Dear Sir for your kind attention conveyance expenses allowed is Rs 9,600 per year from last so many years you increased taxable salary limit but forgot to increase this limt. I guess Rs9,600 is allowed as expenses from my birth just kidding.

Loss on House property : We have limit of Rs 1,50,000 for loss from house property but please note to purchase a home in city like Mumbai people are paying minimum average of Rs 3,00,000 per year. So please look into this also.

Deduction in 80C : There is increase of Rs 20,000 every year in this class but It’ll be great if you can give more limits in this class to save tax.

I am paying indirect tax on every service or goods purchase so it’ll be great if you can bring solution to avoiding double tax on poor people like us. Let’s hope you will give some more relief to Salary class.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

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