Monday, 26 March 2012

Anna To Learn

Anna Hazare started his movement against corruption last year. People were on Road to support Anna Hazare and movement of India Against Corruption. Anna comes with very clear image in past so his words drive people to fight against corruption.

Anna Movement started on issue like corruption but slowly gradually it turned out to be Political. Team Anna started his campaign against Congress in Hissar. People were supporting Anna Hazare to fight against corruption but they drive it in wrong way.

Number of follower has been decreased instead of Increasing. Anna was fighting against Corruption everyone supported him with open hand but when it turned against Congress many people pool out their support from Anna’s Movement.

If you want to be in politics then support or oppose political party. You can't oppose political system to be Politician. If Anna Hazare thinks that our political system is wrong then he should participate in election to set proper system.

Anna Hazare can’t keep on doing fast when he thinks people of India are with him. I am sure people of India want to get ride from Corruption. They are fed up with Chay-Pani system. But either you face what is happening or fight to change.

Anna Hazare can’t fight against Corruption when there are many people in his own Team involved with some or other type of corruption charges. Anna Hazare has to Learn many thing so he can gain people confidence.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

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