Saturday, 11 February 2012

UP Result

Two rounds of voting has been done in UP. People of UP, Political leaders and News Channels are totally confused this time for outcome of UP election. 1st round saw 62% of voting but second round voting came down to 58%. Cast is voting factor in UP but that’s truth about voting in all over India excluding few Metro cities.

BSP- Mayavati did extra ordinary performance in last UP Election. She became CM in last UP election without taking support from any other political party as her own party got majority. This time Mayavati’s performance is not expected like last election as other than Dalit no one going to vote for her like they did in last election.

Dalits are loyal follower of Mayavati. They are not going to vote any other party despite big leaders are coming for dinner and night halt in their house. Dalits are voting Mayavati without any second thought in their mind.

Muslims are going to vote for Congress and SP. News Channels are trying their best to know percentage of Muslim voting to SP and Congress.

Yadavs are loyal follower of SP. They spent last five years like hell. They got biggest brunt of Mayavati’s government. Mayavati’s Governemnt law and order registered more FIR against them and no development in yadav’s zone. Yadavs failed to do any Rajashahi in her tenure so they are going to vote SP.

Thakurs always voted for BJP so they are going to vote BJP again and again as they don’t have any other choice. Congress will get small percentage of Thakurs vote in territory where Thakurs got ticket from Congress.

Brahman ! Brahman ! Brahman !

Brahman Pet Bhar Mil Jaye To Khoosh Ho Jate Hai ! Days have gone now they are part of politics. Brhaman’s contributed last time in victory of Mayavati but this time they are not going to vote BSP like last time. Brahmans are confused this time. They have not sure that whom they should vote. Brahamns are definitely not going to vote SP but they can vote BSP/Congress/BJP. If they voted to one party from any of three then that party will Win more seats or be ready for Re-election or supporting government of SP and Congress or Mayavati or BJP.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

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