Sunday, 19 February 2012

UP Election Result

Yatha Chittam Tatha Vacha Yatha Vachstatha Kriya !

Chitte Vach Kriyaam Cha Sadhu Naam Ek Rupata !!

You words should follow your mind, Your Action should follow your words !

A good man always act as per his words which is in his mind !!

UP did vote for 5th round in election. Congress has tried his best to please the voter from all their words. It’s about cast and religion. It’s about development. It’s about reservation. They say development of UP has not grown in last 20years. It’s SP who ruled UP 15years and BSP in last 5years.

SP rule was like Jungal Raaj but Mayavati gave that Jungle few Police Station with “Imandar Police Wala.” BSP got majority last time due to vote bank of other cast diverted her way but the recent development says they are not happy with the treatment of Mayavati.

Leaders from Congress claiming for more than 200 seats but we all know that number won’t go beyond 50-70. No doubt Rahul did lot’s home work for UP election but they failed to concentrate on real issues and started their speeches on reservation and cast.

We all know in UP people vote on basis of cast but the new voters are even looking for development and profile of candidates. We all are sure that congress is not going to get seats what they are expecting but yes there won’t be any clear winner this time and chances of equal distribution of votes are more with President rule.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

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