Tuesday, 7 February 2012

These Women Speak Too Much

I was travelling from Allhabad to Mumbai in last month by Train. The distance between Allhabad to Mumbai took 24hours. Train came late by 6hours and finally around 8pm train departed from station. I got lower birth seat but on request of lady I shifted myself to upper birth.

“Rinku, Mamta and Buvaji”

Rinku had requested me to exchange seats. Mamta was cousin Sister of Rinku and Buvaji was Sister of Rnikus and Mamta’s father. They were coming to Mumbai for marriage of their cousin brother. They all were enjoying their journey. I was sleeping on upper birth most of the time and was hardly heard them for 4-5 hours.

Rinku’s father passed away long time back. Her Uncle has taken care of her school and her marriage expenses. Rinku’s husband was earning good in his business but he used to give his more time to his elder brothers son. He mostly full filled wishes of his nephew. Singh Sahab was not so much in love with Rinku. There were many fights in past. Rinku was very unhappy with their relation but she was not having option to quit the relation “Jamana Kya Kahega ! Teen Bachho Ki Ma Ne Talak Le Liya”. Singh Sahab had recently purchased a car but that was being used most of the time by his Nephew. Rinku have 3 children and 1 nephew.There were many more updated from Rinku about her and Singh Sahab's relation.

Mamta’s father arranged Rinku’s marriage. He must have looked for much better relation for his own daughter but at present Rinku’s Husaband is doing good than Mamta’s Husband. Mamta have 2 children and yes both were traveling with her. Mamta speaks very less but her smile is very cute. Her husband had bitten her few times but She is Bhartiy Nari so not going anywhere. At the end she is happy with her husband.

Buvaji’s story is even shorter. Poopha Ji is driver. They were married in 80 and they have very happy life. Buvaji is coming 1st time to Mumbai. She was tired with journey and doesn’t want to travel again. I also forgot to tell as the train was late they boarded wrong train in evening and then jumped from running train.

I hope you read all about Rinku, Mamta and Buvaji. So now read this one

I never spoke to any of them after I changed my seats. I didn’t ask single word about their family. It’s just “They spoke so much during my journey from Allhabad to Mumbai” that I came to know things about them. I just had thought when I reached Mumbai “These Women Speak Too Much”

Feel Fucked after reading So Was I after Travelling !!

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

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