Thursday, 23 February 2012

Slum In Mumbai - Bandra

Just walk outside of Bandra station towards east. You’ll get view of 3-4 floor tower constructed in slum. As much I know height of slum can’t be more than 14feet but you will get many slums in Mumbai with ground plus one without any paper or noc. You will get surprise after walking in Bandra east, there you will find slum with 3 to 4 floor. This all 3 to 4 floor slums are just stone thrown away from Bandra station. How they got permission to make so such big vertical construction without approval from BMC or If they got permission from government

authorities then what is ground to give them permission.

In November 2010 I have told that these constructions are unplanned and a small fire or earthquake will take many lives. No fire safety majors have been adopted. When the entire construction is illegal then thinking about safety major is wrong. My post didn’t become news and no one paid any head to the condition and in March 2011 major fire took place in these slums.

Minority class has occupied these slum as they are vote bank no one take any action against them as Politician need their help to keep them self alive. This is well known fact in Mumbai voting percentage of slum is much more than flats & buildings. Politician & few anti social animals are making these slum towers for their gain which can lead to loss of life due any calamity.

In my recent visit I found that after fire, these slums are coming back and to my surprise this time with RCC ceiling, which is not approved by any BMC engineer and can come on ground anytime with small push from earth. This time we should think before another mishap will take place.

Doing Kamaal

Kamal Upadhyay

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