Friday, 27 January 2012

Please Go Sachin

Master Blaster Sachin Tendulakr did great contribution for Team India and in world of cricket. Sachin is playing cricket more than two decade. There were many great moment in life of Sachin and in history of Cricket. Sachin played a big role in journey of cricket in India.

Sachin is trying his best to make his 100 - 100 times. But recently there were many failures by Sachin to achieve his 100. We all know in game of cricket you will be valued till you can play and hit big numbers. Sachin is worshipped as god of cricket in India. There were many great Cricketer. In past and many will come in future but Sachin set his own level which no one can reach.

There was time when his performance was all time low and everyone was asking to Sachin that when you will TAKE retirement from cricket of India but as real hero Sachin did come back and played many big shots all over field and got respect from cricket lover. Sachin also got chance to become captain of Team India. As captain Sachin didn't get any success for himself or for Team India and finally. He opted out from captainship. His captainship was one among of the down time in history of Team India. India lost many matches. It shows that a good player can't be good team leader.

Sachin have many records on his name. India won world cup 2011 with him and that was proud moment for each and every Indian. We thought now Sachin will take retirement.

Sachin's contribution in cricket and history of Team India is incredible but now he should think for future of cricket. His self called retirement from cricket will give him great respect as he is playing well. People will now ask why are you taking retirement but if the performance will go down then people will ask when you will take retirement. There are many young talent waiting to get in Team India so

Please go Sachin !!

You have played enough and set many records. We don't want to see your exile like our great Captain Saurabh Ganguly, who has been forced to take retirement from Team India due to bad politics.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

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