Sunday, 29 January 2012

Attack on TOI

We all know how goons of Shiv Sena attacked Times of India office. There were many such incidents in past also. Shiv Sena has biggest record of violence in politics of Mumbai. There contribution to derail life style of Mumbai is biggest than any other party.

Shiv Sena came in existence due to aggressive style of Bal Thackrey against non maharashtrian. Let's not go to regional politics here but Violence is not solution for anyone to get their rights. There is court of law to punish guilty or get justice but Shiv Sena never wants to wait for Juidecery.

I have great respect for Uddhav Thackrey. He has changed many policies for Shiv Sena after joining it as President. Uddhav is thinking more than BMC election so his words and actions are following his dream. Senior Thackrey was always in news due to his stand against Non-Maharashtrian and many times Band in Mumbai.

Police is always polite on violence by Sena goons. Many time there is no FIR against goons. It's very normal for Sena to bit Autowallha or Feriwallha without any reason or reason justified by them. There should be strong law to take action against such type of violence in society.

If there will be Eye against Eye then whole world will go blind but here many of time Shiv Sena wants to eye for sundry reason. Sena is going Maiosts way with such type of behaviour, only difference Maiosts kill people and Shiv Sena Kills PEACE.

I request Shiv Sena to follow law to prevail peace in Mumbai.

Doing Kamaal,
Kamal Upadhyay

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