Sunday, 29 January 2012

Attack on TOI

We all know how goons of Shiv Sena attacked Times of India office. There were many such incidents in past also. Shiv Sena has biggest record of violence in politics of Mumbai. There contribution to derail life style of Mumbai is biggest than any other party.

Shiv Sena came in existence due to aggressive style of Bal Thackrey against non maharashtrian. Let's not go to regional politics here but Violence is not solution for anyone to get their rights. There is court of law to punish guilty or get justice but Shiv Sena never wants to wait for Juidecery.

I have great respect for Uddhav Thackrey. He has changed many policies for Shiv Sena after joining it as President. Uddhav is thinking more than BMC election so his words and actions are following his dream. Senior Thackrey was always in news due to his stand against Non-Maharashtrian and many times Band in Mumbai.

Police is always polite on violence by Sena goons. Many time there is no FIR against goons. It's very normal for Sena to bit Autowallha or Feriwallha without any reason or reason justified by them. There should be strong law to take action against such type of violence in society.

If there will be Eye against Eye then whole world will go blind but here many of time Shiv Sena wants to eye for sundry reason. Sena is going Maiosts way with such type of behaviour, only difference Maiosts kill people and Shiv Sena Kills PEACE.

I request Shiv Sena to follow law to prevail peace in Mumbai.

Doing Kamaal,
Kamal Upadhyay

Friday, 27 January 2012

Please Go Sachin

Master Blaster Sachin Tendulakr did great contribution for Team India and in world of cricket. Sachin is playing cricket more than two decade. There were many great moment in life of Sachin and in history of Cricket. Sachin played a big role in journey of cricket in India.

Sachin is trying his best to make his 100 - 100 times. But recently there were many failures by Sachin to achieve his 100. We all know in game of cricket you will be valued till you can play and hit big numbers. Sachin is worshipped as god of cricket in India. There were many great Cricketer. In past and many will come in future but Sachin set his own level which no one can reach.

There was time when his performance was all time low and everyone was asking to Sachin that when you will TAKE retirement from cricket of India but as real hero Sachin did come back and played many big shots all over field and got respect from cricket lover. Sachin also got chance to become captain of Team India. As captain Sachin didn't get any success for himself or for Team India and finally. He opted out from captainship. His captainship was one among of the down time in history of Team India. India lost many matches. It shows that a good player can't be good team leader.

Sachin have many records on his name. India won world cup 2011 with him and that was proud moment for each and every Indian. We thought now Sachin will take retirement.

Sachin's contribution in cricket and history of Team India is incredible but now he should think for future of cricket. His self called retirement from cricket will give him great respect as he is playing well. People will now ask why are you taking retirement but if the performance will go down then people will ask when you will take retirement. There are many young talent waiting to get in Team India so

Please go Sachin !!

You have played enough and set many records. We don't want to see your exile like our great Captain Saurabh Ganguly, who has been forced to take retirement from Team India due to bad politics.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Review : The White Tiger

I know it’s very late writing about the “The White Tiger” by Aravind Adiga. I read this book four times and every time I got some new point in books. When you read a book more than one time than definitely you are going to notice more points from Book.

The Best paragraph I like from The White Tiger is naming ceremony of Munaa here we go “That’s not real name” and then school teachedc told “We’ll call you ...Ram. Wait don’t we have ram in this class? I don’t want any confusion. It’ll be Balram.” Adiga has done deep research for this paragraph though this paragraph looks very simple and full of humour but in darkness i.e in rural India many students got their name this was and those who didn’t get are even Munna, Babu, Fakiri and Chhote Lal.

Aravind drafted very true story from darkness to city of Gardens i.e from Laxmangarh to Bangalore. There are many Businessmen who killed someone to get success in life. But what Munna did was totally wrong but guess that’s real juice of story.

Politics always played role in development of India. Isn’t it?

You have to pay money to get License to Run your company or to start new business but yes that money put your life in trouble but same money give you chance to exploit our system to make more money. Car service of Ashok Sharma and his story of successful business is very interesting and guess that why he is “The White Tiger”

The Book published in 2008 and if you have not read the Book yet so missed a great Story. So do grab your copy.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

Monday, 23 January 2012

Mess after Mess by VodafoneIn

I always tell my friend that go for Vodafone and it’s great for customer care service and network is much better. I recently went on roaming and there was mess after mess by Vodafone while I was in roaming.

When I was in roaming, I tried to call many numbers from which few were not getting connected. I tried all possible way to get my call connected. I tweeted to Vodafone for my issues and got the promise to call but as my calls were important so I myself called to Vodafone Customer care service. Customer care executive gave me solution which never worked. I replied to Vodafone with same feedback that I am not satisfied with Customer care solution.

Vodafone charged me to their customer care with roaming rate. I got surprise that when Customer care Team called me to know my feedback in more details which I sent via SMS. They didn’t provide me any solution and again Vodafone charged me for feedback call.

I sent email to Vodafone and then I got call from Customer care and they also provided me same answer which their earlier executive told me and send email for same with details which never worked and he also told me to call on 198 regional customer care. I called on regional customer care and that was of no use. Regional customer care executive told that he doesn’t has details of my number so he can’t help me.

I changed my district and without changing any setting my outgoing on that few numbers started. I am very sad that I experienced these on my Vodafone. Now I can say "Where every you go at some places Vodafone Network doesn’t follow."

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Dhoni lost match

I always try not to write anything about cricket. I want the other Blogger should take responsibility to write for cricket. Cricket is only game now a days India knows.

Team India lost their last match against Australia. Let me tell you I don't like cricket but didn't like when Indian Media started firing on Team India and captain Dhoni.

News channel other than ENGLISH always ready with two types of script when Team India play cricket. one script when India will win match and one script when India will loss.

Dhoni Ke Dhurandhar,

Team India Ke Sher,

There are many jargon words they use to describe Man In Blue but same News Channels turn devils If they failed to win match.

Dhoni Ke Sena Hogayi Dher,

Dhoni lost his charm

don't know why this News Channels always want that India should win match. I don't see any fun in game if there won't be chances of loss and win.

My advise to News Channels, they should take Cricket as game enjoy and not as wedding of their daughter which SHOULDES BE successful.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay


Political weather in Pakistan is disturbed. Post period of Independence many time Army took over Democracy in Pakistan. Pakistan is democratic country controlled by Army and ISI.

Army is super power in Pakistan so the chief of Army wings. When International pressure increases and Pakisatna go right way suddenly Army come over and takes Pakistan wrong way.

India has lot's of internal issues but condition of Pakistan is also alarming for India. As Pakistan is equipped with Nuclear power and which has no control or ever changing control of button.

We saw last year change of many countries to getting change to Democracy. Dictatorship ended in many countries and slowly gulf is also getting burn of democracy. Pakistan is going in wrong direction.

Pakistan was dream of Jinaha. Jinaha created pakistan but that failed to be like his dream.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

Reservation in UP

In UP election SP and Congress are competing with each other for reservation % of Minority. If political parties will compete with each other way then soon Open class will become minority.I think this is time when we should give away eservation but for vote bank political parties are even want reservation.

Isn't Political parties are responsible for increasing gap between upper and back ward lass which can lead to more tension in future. Few days back our Political leader was telling constitution is supreme, Parliament is supreme but same Political leaders are fighting election on basis of cast and religion.

India is secular but people of India didn't get chance to become secular as Political parties never allowed them to secular. sibal Ji wanted to censor internet but he forgot that Riots took place due to Secular attitude of Political class. Here secular means being Hindu or being Muslim.

Political leaders are fighting election on same issues from last many years. it's time for our leaders to talk about developmental and growth of India. We need to grow up from issues like cast and religion.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

Friday, 6 January 2012

Horse (Whore) Trading in UP

Election time in UP made it very hot mandi. You will get here Horse or whore at rate you want but here Horse or whore are paying to get product.

Politicians are paying to get ticket. Parties are charging for ticket as per Brand Value of party and brand Value of Candidate looking for ticket.

Ticket for 10 Khokha

Ticket for 5 Khokha

Ticket for 1 Khokha

You have to just walk with cash and show your ability to party that you can fight election. Horse trading is very common at election time in India from Nagar Sevak election to MP election.

One of biggest mode of consumption of Black Money is election in India and we need those elected representative to solve issue of Black Money and get strong law to grab corruption and we saw what they did with lokpal.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

BJP double standard

काक : कृष्णा, पिक : कृष्णा ! को भेद : पिक काकयो !!

वसंत समय प्राप्ते : काक : काक : पिक : पिक : !!

“Crow is Black and Cuckoo is black and you can’t difference between them but at time of spring crow and cuckoo can be differentiated easily with their voice”

BJP and Congress stand for Crow and Cuckoo here. Few month back L.K Advani was doing Yatra against Black Money and corruption in India. He was keen to get black money and strong system to control corruption.

Election in UP worked as spring for political parties like BJP showing there double standard on national level politics. BJP welcomed corrupt leaders those who thrown out from their parties due to same reason of corruption.

As Charity starts from home so BJP can’t fight against corruption with increasing number of corrupt people in their own party. The Game of Politics is very dirty and everyone wants power so let’s keep corruption at bay to win UP Election.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Battle in UP

Election date has been announced in UP. Political parties are ready or doing their best to win battle in UP. UP always played an important role in politics of India thanks to over sized population and number of seats in total contribution of making Government.

States Election in UP are going to be big game changer for every political party. BSP is facing big troubles in election due to back to back name of their leaders in scam after scam. MANEREGA fund has been sucked by minister of UP.

“Center Se Paisa Aata Hai Aur Hathi Use Kha Jata Hai” statement by Rahul Gandhi in recent rally in UP. Maya government is spending too much money on ad. There are many ads running on TV and print media for development done by Maya in UP. For me they just developed Ambedkar Park.

In UP election was always based of cast and religion. All parties in UP election has their of follower of cast and if you want to win clear majority in UP then you need support from other cast than your loyal Follower.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

Monday, 2 January 2012

MMS New year Resolution

In 2012 everyone is busy to decide New Year resolution. Smokers are not going to smoke and drunker are not going to drink. Everyone is busy to do something good in 2012. I am only person who is writing against people and getting abuse by them.

What will be New Year resolution of MMS?

I am talking about same MMS who hardly speaks in public. In era when people are campaigning on social media our PM hardly come on TV to let people know about his achievement. He has tried his best to speak but I Guess Rajnikant told him not to speak.

So New Resolution by our PM

Login to Twitter

Interview with Arnab

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

Sunday, 1 January 2012

२०१२ भारत

हर कोई जुट गया है २०१२ को मानाने मे !

अपने नए पुराने पाप पुण्य को भुलाने मे !!

हमने भी २०१२ मना लिया !

नहीं लिखेंगे कविता ये भुला दिया !!

नया वर्ष भारत को आगे बढ़ाएगा !

भारत वाशियों ने चाहा तो फिर सोने को चिड़िया कहलायेगा !!

नेता हो या अभिनेता हर कोई नया प्रण उठाएगा !

जो सत्य कर्म करेगा वो सजग प्रहरी कहलायेगा !!

हर कोई जुट गया है २०१२ को मानाने मे !

आपने नए पुराने पाप पुण्य को भुलाने मे !!

करे कमाल,

कमल उपाध्याय

New Year Resolution

I have yet not decided my new year resolution. I want to set my new year resolution asap as people are asking me for same. Many of my friends have decided to give up smoking and drinking in new year. They will follow their resolution for next few days and after that everyone will be back to normal.

I have to set my new year resolution as I have to tell my friends what I have decided for new year. I have many things to take as oath like writing 365post in this year or not writing more than 120post in 2012.

I have noticed most of people only follow new year resolution for not more than 15days so let’s not make any resolution. I’ll do best for me and society. Let’s make our resolution for development of our people and our country. We don’t need resolution to leave drinking or smoking that just need will.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay