Thursday, 8 December 2011

View on @ShashiTharoor 's post on Free speech

I am very happy to know that even Shashi Tharoor is not in favor of censorship provided by few buts.

I am totally agreed that trend like #IdiotKapilSibal is wrong and people should have condemned him like critics then road side hooligan. I never commented nasty comment on anyone and yes few times got abusive words from others on my time line.

It doesn't mean that people are giving abusive feedback then I should stop writing my blog. I never deleted or blocked the person abusing for my write up as their feedback give me the chance to know about people mentality.

I also agree that free speech doesn't mean that a person should stand in cinema hall and say FIRE FIRE but yes you can’t pass a decision that no one can speak in cinema hall. Mr. Tharoor can say that Sibal only want to stop people who shout Fire Fire.

Agree with you Mr. Tharoor on all points made and explained by you. As you are master of words so there is no chance for me to look for loop holes in any of your points. But who will give guarantee that once Censor ship will be in place then only religious and abusive content will be removed. Few months back same government thrown out Baba Ramdev from Ram Leela ground for his Anshan. You are happy to get political comments but what if next minister doesn't want to listen anything against him or her.

Now don't tell me that Baba Ramdev was calling for people to fight against government and wanted to divide India. The same government assaulted people in Mid Nights including women without any reason. Government was in fear that if Baba will continue then there will be more –ve comments on them.

We know as per our culture women can’t take their bikini off at our beaches of Goa but they can swim here with full freedom. Censorship is like speed breaker. As government can remove and moderate any post in name of religion.

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