Tuesday, 27 December 2011

People Against Anna

India is fighting for Janlokpal with Anna Hazare. Each and every part of country is doing their best to support Anna and his movement against Corruption. There are people of all class, society and cast to support Anna.

Team Anna is representing Team India because of failure of parliament. Parliament represents Team India. Please note only 54% people voted for them total count of government is not more than29%. So our MP can’t claim that they represent people of India.

There is big mistake done by people of India as they don’t go and vote on time and later on blame system for all the issues. When we are not performing our duty on time? How do we expect our Politician to do their duty.

There are group of people who are against Anna Hazare from starting. When Anna and India is fighting against Corruption, these people are busy on firing gun on Team Anna. Most of people who are holding Gun on Team Anna are those who used to be on news channel to give their view on various issue from Rakhi Sawant to Rahul Gandhi. Anna’s movement took out opportunity from them to be on TV in prime time.

People against Team Anna have major people from circuit of Social activities. They are questioning that who gave them title of Civil Society to Team Anna and how they can represent people of India. They are not a paid member of government but they behave like paid member of Government.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

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