Saturday, 24 December 2011

My Christmas Gift

Some 12years ago !

I was 12year old. I was in 7th standard. As being from Non English medium for us Christmas was nothing but a day holiday. In English medium schools they give holiday for week but in other medium school it's single day affair. I was getting Christmas holiday from standard 1 but in 7th standard I came to know that what it's all mean about. Christmas is festival of Christians. My Friend told that on day of Christmas a person name as Santa comes and drop gift for you.

My friend told me Santa drop gift in socks. We have to hang our socks and Santa will come to drop gift in socks. We got holiday for Christmas in school. I reached home and without speaking a singal word, I went to wash my socks as I didn't want that Santa should drop my gift in socks which I am wearing from last 4days.

Finally !!

I hung my sock at corner of my bed. I was thinking about my gift which Santa was going to drop in my socks. I was thinking, in such small socks what he is going to drop. I was thinking for Small video game from Santa. I slept somehow in the night but when woke up in the morning I saw my socks are missing from my bed corner and was hanging on rope outside my house. My mother took socks from corner and washed it.

It took me another year to get a gift from Santa. Finally Christmas came and I hung my socks where no one other than Santa can reach. I slept in night and was thinking about Some good gift as this time I have used new socks of my father.

Next Morning !!

I woke up and saw socks are empty and there is no gift in side of socks. I was very disappointed by Santa.

Few Years Later !!

I came to know that it's not Santa but your parents keep gift for you on day of Christmas. As being from north India my parents were not aware about this Christmas tradition.

I always recall my Christmas gift story on day of Christmas. Hope will get my Christmas gift some day but now I don’t hang socks !!

Merry Christmas !!

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